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Fruit Fly Management in Mango farms: 10 Amazing Effective Ways

Learn how to effectively manage fruit flies in your mango orchard with these ten proven strategies. From site selection to cultural practices, trap cropping, and organic insecticides, discover methods that will protect your mangoes and minimize crop losses. Implementing these techniques will not only safeguard your harvest but also contribute to the sustainable growth of the mango industry. Take proactive action and ensure a thriving yield by incorporating these fruit fly management practices into your farming routine.

Tomato Farming Tips and Strategies


Passion Fruit Growing Tips, Strategies and More


Handling and Packing of Passion Fruit for Amazing Quality

Unlock the secrets to handling and packing passion fruit like a pro! Discover expert techniques to ensure amazing quality, prolonged freshness, and irresistible market appeal. From gentle handling to selecting the perfect packaging materials, this post provides valuable insights for passion fruit growers looking to deliver excellence. Elevate your passion fruit game and leave a lasting impression on buyers with these essential tips and tricks.

Hass Avocado Farming in Kenya, Marketing, Profits and More


Hass Avocado Spacing in Kenya Best Spacing for Amazing Yields

Discover the key to maximizing your Hass avocado yields: strategic spacing. From considering root competition to implementing effective techniques, this blog post unveils the art of spacing for optimal sunlight exposure, airflow, and tree health. Learn how to plan your orchard for bountiful harvests and unlock the potential of your Hass avocado trees. With proper spacing, you can create an ideal environment for your avocados to thrive and enjoy abundant yields season after season.

Watermelon Farming In Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania


Sukari F1 Watermelon: Grow This Variety For Amazing Profit

Sukari F1 Watermelon: a sweet and lucrative delight worth growing. With impressive size, extended shelf life, high market demand, and easy cultivation, this variety promises success for aspiring watermelon farmers. Each slice reveals vibrant red flesh bursting with juicy goodness. Resistant to spoilage, it ensures prolonged enjoyment and reduced wastage. Tap into the profitable market and savor the rewards of growing Sukari F1. Taste the sweet success that awaits with this exceptional variety.



Growing Tomatoes In the Rainy Season. The Good, Bad and Ugly

Opinion about growing tomatoes in the rainy season is varied. Some people say its the worst decision you'll ever make with growing tomatoes...because it is very expensive to manage diseases like blights and rots which are prevalent in the rainy season. Other farmers say the rainy season is the best season for growing you will dramatically cut expenses related to irrigation. Whom do we believe? This post looks at both these perspectives in details... so that when you decide to grow tomato in the rainy season or dry season, you would have made the right choice.

Farm Equipment

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