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Pangoni Online Marketing helps businesses and companies in the agriculture/Horticulture sector market their products online.

We also help growers of various horticulture plants with info on how to grow their produce better

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    Who is a Copywriter, and How Can Copywriting Help My Business?

    Ads that have a high response rate, blog posts that go viral, emails that have high open rates, and sales letters that sell thousands of products have one thing in common. They are all written by a copywriter. Learn ALL about copywriting, and how a copywriter can boost the response rates of your ads, the readability of your website, and the efficiency of your online content!

      Case Study: You Can Create WordPress Website Without Fear-Even When You Have No Coding Skills

      To profit from the internet, you need a website. The good news is that anyone can create a WordPress website on his or her own. Unfortunately, most of us are held up by fear. This post not only explains how to overcome your fears, but also gives you the steps you need to follow. Read through it and I assure you that you'll even become a pro at building websites. Your business will also get the exposure it badly needs so that you can earn more profit!

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        Passion Fruit Growing Tips, Strategies and More


        Passion Fruit Spray Program For Amazing Yield and Profit

        Here is a passion fruit spray program That Will Allow You to Save Tons of Cash, Produce More and Make More Profit There are numerous spraying programs for passion fruit. All these programs are unique in their own way. Some are designed to spur fruit development, prevent disease, sweeten fruits, promote flowering etc. The bottom line, whatever spray program you adopt, it must be: • Effective • Affordable • Maximize yield and profit. • Friendly to the user and to the environment. For us to achieve these objectives, we are going to use three pest control methods… instead of relying on chemical sprays only. These pest control methods will be: • Organic, • Mechanical, • And finally chemical sprays. Continue reading for more details



        How to Tell When a Watermelon is Ready for Harvest

        I clearly remember the first time I grew watermelon. By good luck, everything went well (considering I was a novice watermelon farmer). There were no major challenges of pests and diseases and the harvests were looking very good. However, I had one problem. I did not know how to know whether the watermelons were ready for harvest. “How can such a simple thing be that complicated?” You may ask. I know this sounds like a simple problem but when it’s you facing it—you’ll know how nerve wreaking this decision is. When I tried sampling some fruits by cutting through them and eating them, I would find some are ready and others are not. It is from that experience that I wrote this post. To take out the guesswork out of watermelon harvest, experienced farmers adopt 6 strategies. This post therefore examines the 6 ways experienced farmers use to know when watermelon is ready. Check it out. You'll love it!



        Herbicides That Kill Only Grass Best in Kenya

        Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to Kill grasses only using an herbicide? If you have found yourself in such a situation you are in the right place. I clearly remember the day I found myself in this position. 2 weeks earlier, I had planted some yellow beans. The beans had germinated very well. In fact, the germination was almost 100%. But I had a problem. As the beans grew, grass weeds grew along with them. “What should I do to remove these nasty grass weeds?” I asked myself. Two options were available to me… Read post to find them out

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