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Mexican Avocado Exports Increase Thanks To Great Demand in USA

Mexico’s position as the number 1 Worlds Avocado exporter is secure. No country is likely to dislodge them from the position in the near future. “Why?” You may ask. “What about Peru, Colombia, South Africa or Kenya–countries known to be Mexico’s fiercest competitors?” This post explains why Mexico will remain the top Avocado producer at least for the next...

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Passion Fruit Production Profits Per Acre

Passion fruit is perennial crop which produces fruits within a year.

In Kenya, passion fruits are grown in Thika, Nyamira, Kisii, Nyeri, Kakamega, Murang’a, Meru, among other regions.

There are two major passion fruit varieties grown in Kenya.

To learn more on its production profits per acre, read this post.

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Get Produce Buyers Through Website The Easy Way

This tool is guaranteed to make your pack-house staff busy.
If you grow vegetables, fruits, flowers or any horticultural produce, once it’s mature and ready for harvest, you’ll want to have eager local or international buyers waiting to buy your product. A website happens to be one of the most useful tools for making customers inquiring about your products and placing orders for them.

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