3 months crops in Kenya:

There are a number of 3-months crops in Kenya that can help you take advantage of the short rains.

I have listed them on a table to make it convenient for you to have a quick glance at them

However, that’s not the end of the story.

Providing a list is something very easy to do.

In fact, anybody can do it.

Because I want you to benefit I give an explainer (Below the Table) of each crop and why it makes sense to grow it.


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The list of 3 Month Crops is Right Here.


Growth Period


2 ½ -6 months


3 months

French beans

3-4 months


3 months

Common beans

3-4 months


3-4 months

Baby carrots

3-4 months


3-9 months


3-9 months


3-9 months


3-9 months

3 Month Maize Varieties

In Kenya, there are 3-month maturity maize varieties.

These varieties grow very well in altitude 0-1200 meters above sea level.

Do if you are live in these areas, maize could be a suitable crop for you.


You’ll never go wrong growing maize in Kenya because there’s always demand for it.

Check out this detailed post on the

3 months maize varieties in Kenya and their yield per acre


Green maize farming is a wonderful investment

Kunde (Cowpeas) is a Drought Resistant Pulse That Grows in 3 Months or Less

The drought resistant ability of this pulse makes it great as a 3 months crop.

Areas that receive rains less than 800 mm per year of Ukambani, Siaya, Homabay, Siaya, Muhoroni, the Kenya Coast regions, Mpeketoni are great for this crop.

You can grow this crop in the high rainfall areas, but do so during the short rain season of Oct-Dec.

The leaves of this plant are used as a vegetable in Many Kenyan households.

Many find the vegetable a great tasting delicacy.

Others let the plant to give the seed which they later use as a pulse.

If you are interested in growing Cowpeas, and you are looking for affordable, high quality seed, that is free from weevil damage, buy Kunde/cowpeas seeds online here

Please note: For 1 acre, you will need 15 kilos of Kunde.

Kunde/cowpea seed on sale

A man selling Kunde Vegetables from his Vehicle

French Beans: The Amazing 3 Months Crop for the Export Market

This is a great export crop in Kenya.

It takes between 42-56 days to start producing the immature pods.

It is grown under irrigation in parts of Mwea, Embu Nakuru, Thika, Kajiado, Machakos, Uasin Ghishu, Kirinyaga among others.

Once are of French beans yields between 3000-6,000 kilos.  

If you’d read more about French beans here.

a French bean plant already yielding pods

Coriander Is a Great 3 Months Crop in Kenya for Herb Lovers!

This is herb used in salads, meat dishes, and many other food preparations due to its pleasant aroma.

That’s not all about it.

The herb can grow in 3 months, thus making it ideal for the short rainy season.

I have written a detailed info on coriander on the below posts.

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coriander yield per acre in Kenya Free PDF

Common beans

Great short season crop.

Best for areas like Ukambani, Coast, Nairobi and other low rainfall areas.

Can also be successfully grown in high rainfall areas during the short rain season of Oct-Dec.

Bean farm on which bentazone has been used


Zucchini is also known as Courgette or squash.

It is dark green, long, firm cylindrical that is closely related to Cucumber.

The squash is very high in demand both in the local and export market.

It is majorly used in salads and pickles.

The crop is easy to grow, and in 3 months or less, you’ll start enjoying your first harvest.

In Kenya the best varieties to grow include:

  • Green Zuchinni from Royal Seed
  • Squash Raven F1 from Royal Seed
  • Ambassador F1 from Kenya Seed.

For 1 acre you need 1 kg of Zucchini or (6-8 kg of seeds/ha)

Baby Carrots

Kenya’s year round warm climate ensures that the baby carrots can grow successfully.

In 3 months or less, the carrots are ready for harvest.

We grow the ordinary carrots for the local market, but for baby carrots are pre-packed and exported.

The main carrot producing areas are Central, Coast, Rift Valley, Western, Nyanza and Nairobi.

Check out this link to see a variety of Vegetable seed on Sale

Woman harvesting baby carrot a 3 months crop in Kenya


Is a wonderful vegetable that Kenyans love thus call it Sukuma Wiki.

You can grow it as a micro green vegetable for less than 3 months.

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Woman harvesting Kale a 3 months crop

Conclusion and wrapping it up.

 There are many short term crops you can consider growing.

The above list is just a small fraction of what is available.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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