• Uganda’s soils and climate are suited for  growing Hass Avocado.
  • The yield and Profits of Hass Avocado is Higher than that of Sugarcane
  • The goverment is promoting the fruit for export,
  • Farmers want to tap into the lucrative $ 7 Billion Hass Avocado Export market,
  • Farmers want to participate in the value chain process so that their incomes.

According to Africanews correspondent, Raziah Athman….

From one avocado tree that’s about five years old, a farmer can harvest 3000 fruits in a year, that’s about 500 kilograms. And, as direct export, a kilogram is sold at $2. That compared to a cane farm of the same size means that the avocado farmer is earning six times more but experts say sufficient export volume needs at least 10,000 more farmers to grow the fruit”.

Raziah Athman