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Hass avocado set to be Muranga’s cash cow as free seedlings given out

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Governor Mwangi Iria Giving Out Free Avocado Seedlings to Residents of Muranga County

Free Hass Avocado seedlings being given out to residents of Muranga County


  1. Farmers in Muranga earned Kenya Shillings 2.5 billion from avocado sales in 2018.
  2. County government of muranga promotes the growth of Avocado sector by giving free seedlings. In 2018, the county gave 500,000 seedlings and in 2019, 500,000 seedlings.
  3. A mature Avocado tree in Muranga is capable of producing 6,000 fruits in a year,
  4. Muranga county is the largest producer of Hass avocado in Kenya

Murang’a avocado farmers get Sh88 million

Farmers at attending a Hass  avocado fair

Old farmer admiring Beautiful Hass Avocado seedlings


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  1. Farmers earn Ksh 88 million from the sale of Hass avocado to Kakuzi
  2. Over 3,000 farmers are engaged by Kakuzi in contract farming.
  3. The highest paid Avocado fetched KSh 48 per piece.
  4. Muranga county government seeks to partner with companies to make Muranga fruits sell globally. 

Kirinyaga farmers set to earn Ksh.15 million from avocado seedlings

Governor Ann Waiguru giving farmers free Hass Avocado seedlings

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  1. The rising demand for Avocado in The local and export market Present Immence opportunity for Kirinyaga County farmers,
  2. Kririnyaga County annual production is 15,000 metric tons worth about 300 million.
  3. Production is expected to go up to 21,000 metric tons and fetch Ksh 700 million.
  4. Kenya’s 2020 Economic survey shows export earnings of Avocado incresed by 3.1% earning the country 13.2 billion from 12.8 billion.
  5. Kenya exported about 68,00 tons of Avocado in 2020.