Mango yield per Tree:

Are you tired of low mango yields on your farm?

Are you looking for a way to increase your profits and potential for success as a farmer?

If that describes you, here you will learn of a simple mango management technique that has been…

“Proven to double the yields of farmers in Kitui.”

This Simple mango Management technique  is a result of extensive research and development.

It has been tested in various conditions to ensure its effectiveness at increasing the mango yield per tree.

    • Imagine being able to significantly increase your yields, and no longer having to struggle with low profits and financial instability.
    • Think about having the ability to expand your farm and invest in new equipment and technology to improve your operations.

Continue reading to learn learn more about this revolutionary mango  management technique…

and how it can  double your mango yield per tree and change the future of your farm.

Discover the benefits of using this strategy, such as:

    • Increasing a mango tree resistance to disease,
    • Improving its ability to adapt to different climates,
    • and overall high-quality fruit.

This Technique Is none other Than Growing Grafted Mango Trees

Did I hear you Say grafting can double the mango yield per tree?

You may ask.

I know it sounds unbelievable.

However it is true.

Grafting mango trees doubles the mango yield per tree.

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Here is what a Mango farmer from Kitui saying:

“I am currently growing Ngowe variety of mangoes. In the past, I grew the local varieties. The yields from the trees were low. When I decided to graft the mango trees, I literally saw my yield per tree double from 500 fruits per tree to 1,000. This therefore makes me recommend the grafting technique to mango farmers.

Stephen Musyoka

Kitui Mango Farmer

That’s not all about the benefits of grafting.

Here’s what Agricultural Scientists Based in Australia are saying: 

“Most cultivars of mango do not produce seedlings true-to-type. Therefore, grafting is often necessary to overcome this problem. Grafting also means that trees produce uniform yield, fruit size and quality.”

Department of Primary Industries and regional Development


The Grafting Process Demostrated In Images. It is Responsible in Increasing Mango Yield Per tree

If you find this grafting process time consuming for you, there is an easier way out.

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