Australia Mango Harvesting Season 2022:

Reports coming out of Australia this mango season indicate that they will have a bumper mango harvest.

Credible estimates put the harvest at over 9,000,000 mango trays @ selling for $45.

But, this bumper harvest has come with a lot of difficulties.

Mango Farmers are reporting

  • Unexpected rain,
  • Labour shortage
  • and magpie geese and other birds’ infestation that are destroying ripening mangoes.

All these unexpected turn of events threaten the bumper mango harvest.

“We’re currently employing three people to sit on three quad bikes to chase magpie geese all day long. they’ve been pretty bad,” Says Mr Siah.

Impact of storm on Harvests During This Australia Mango Season

“One severe storm this month, which saw the Darwin Airport record wind speeds of 137 kilometres per hour, swept across several mango orchards, blowing a lot of fruit off trees.


“We probably lost about 30 per cent of our remaining crop in that storm,” Leo Skliros a mango grower in Australia said.

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Mango farmers battle storms, geese and worker shortages to get fruit to market

Varieties Available During This Australia Mango Season:

Mango VarietyMango Season
Kensington PrideSeptember to february
CalypsoSeptember to March
R2E2October to February
Honey GoldOctober to March

Speciality Honey Gold Mango Harvest Ongoing In The Northern Territory Of Australia

“The annual Honey Gold mango harvest is underway in the Northern Territory with the first fruit of Piñata Farms’ own variety, already arriving in stores.

Key account manager Rebecca Scurr said Piñata Farms expected a consistently strong season, following last year’s record season for Honey Golds and Australian mangoes generally.

“As mangoes can sometimes show some biennial tendencies, it‚s not often we would experience two bumper years in a row.

However, all the signs are there for another great season with excellent quality fruit in abundance due to good flowering and fruit set during winter, followed by an ideal, dry spring,” Ms Scurr said.

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