Author: Haron Mogeni

AGIL 100EC Selective Herbicide For Grass Control In Vegetables.

AGIL 100 EC Selective herbicide is a powerful solution for farmers facing challenges with grass weeds in crops such as snow peas, potatoes, onions, and more. This systemic selective post emergence herbicide effectively controls annual and perennial grasses by rapidly absorbing into the weeds and inhibiting their vital functions, leading to their demise within 5-7 days. For more details about this herbicide read this post

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Growing Agapanthus in your Garden for Beauty and Profit

The article discusses the features of the agapanthus plant and its suitability for garden cultivation and as a decorative cut flower. The plant is adaptable to various climates and soil conditions, and is commended for its year-long flowering in tropical areas. Available in multiple varieties, it can be propagated from seeds or rhizomes. Its strong stems, long vase life, and symbolism of love and loyalty make agapanthus a captivating choice for cut flower arrangements.

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Ambar 480SC Herbicide for Potatoes, Tomatoes and Carrot Farmers

Ambar 480SC is a versatile, efficient, and cost-effective herbicide for farmers focusing on crops like potatoes, tomatoes, and carrots. Besides reducing labor costs, this powerful solution controls annual broadleaf weeds and grasses, ensuring high farm productivity. Available for purchase online, Ambar 480SC operates both pre and post crop-emergence, providing efficient weed control with various crops while maintaining their health and growth.

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