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Amazing: Kenya’s Avocado Exports to China Reach 20,000 Tons

Kenya’s avocado industry is experiencing a significant boost as it is set to export a record high of 20,000 tons of avocados to China this year. The increased demand for avocados in China, coupled with the Kenyan government’s efforts to improve the quality of its avocados and meet China’s phytosanitary requirements, have opened up new opportunities for Kenyan farmers and exporters. Avocado farming has become a popular venture among farmers in Kenya, and the industry’s growth is expected to have a positive impact on the country’s economy.
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Top 10 Avocado Exporter Countries 2021 Amazing Value of Exports

Mexico was the world’s largest avocado exporter in 2021 with sales that amounted to 2.976 billion dollars, i.e. 12% more than in the previous year.

It was followed by the Netherlands with exports worth 1.164 billion dollars (i.e. 10% more than in 2020), and Peru with exports that amounted to 1.048 billion dollars (+48% over the previous year), according to data from the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Other prominent avocado exporters in 2021 were Spain, with sales that totaled 462 million dollars and a 4% year-on-year increase; Chile, with avocado exports totaling 214 million (-2%); Colombia, with shipments of 205 million (+40%); the United States, with 157 million (-4%); Kenya, with exports worth 140 million (+21%); South Africa, with sales of 110 million (+44%), and France, with 94 million (+4%).

The WTO estimates that global avocado sales in 2021 amounted to $7.261 billion, i.e. 13% more than in the previous year.

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Grow This Profitable Crop Without Thinking Twice

Every prospective farmer goes through the phase where he evaluates which crop to grow in his or her farm for profit.
This is a difficult period because there are so many options available.
For that reason, this post gives you an idea of one crop that you should consider growing without thinking twice if your environment allows.
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