Avocado Farming In Africa:

Smallholder avocado farming holds the promise of more sustainable avocado production in East Africa and Nigeria.

That is Baker Ssengendo’s vision for the future of Uganda Avocado production.

An avocado tree starts with an avocado seedling.

“The avocado seedling then grows into tree–which has a lifespan of about 50 years.

Now imagine this:

The life expectancy of an average Ugandan is about 60 years.

That therefore means, an tree can benefit a Ugandan farmer for his entire life,” he told DW.

Ssengendo works on the 1,000 hectares of Musubi Farm in Mayuge district, eastern Uganda.

This farm happens to be the largest Hass avocado farm in the country.

“By working in avocado farming, I am fulfilling my life dream.”

Therough the job, I am able to lift our communities out of poverty.”

We help ugandan farmers access the lucrative Avocado global markets.

Avocado has become a lucrative export product due to global demand.

Its consumption per capita increased by 406% between 1990 and 2017 in the US alone.

The so-called green gold is rapidly gaining popularity on the African continent. Both Nigeria and Uganda […]

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