Knowing when the Avocado seasons around the world start and end is a MUST for avocado growers, exporters, and importers.

Without that knowledge, they won’t be able to time their production or get the BEST price for their avocado fruit.

Basically, they would be shooting in the dark!

The converse is true.

When they are armed with the avocado seasons data, growers, exporters or importers can take advantage of the market to get the highest return.

I am saying this because…

An avocado season in one country can affect the profitability of the avocado season in another country.

Let me explain.

The avocado season in Peru starts in May through September. The same is the case applies for the avocado season in South Africa and Kenya.

“So what’s the problem with that?” You may ask.

That’s a problem because…

Both countries happen to export a SUBSTANTIAL chunk of their avocados to the European Union.

In other words, their avocadoes compete for the same market.

When these three countries have a bumper harvest, definitely prices for avocado in the EU will drop because the supply will be bigger than the demand.

The opposite happens when bad weather affects one country and the others have good weather.

Definitely, there will be a shortage of fruits will be in the market and that condition will favor the country that had good weather.

That said, you are of course definitely ready to know the…

Avocado Seasons for Top Producers of Avocados in the World

·         USA Avocado seasons

The main producing areas for the fruit in the United States are California and Florida.

In California the Peak Avocado season is from May to August.

Florida has two avocado seasons

  1. From June to March
  2. May to February

·         Peru Avocado Season

The Peru season starts in late May to September, with the peak volume being during July to August

·         Mexico Avocado Season

The Mexico season starts in October to May with the peak season being in November to April.

·         Kenya Avocado season

Kenya exports two varieties to Europe

  1. Hass avocado whose season starts in June and ends in September
  2. Fuete variety whose season starts in March and ends

·         New Zealand Avocado season

The New Zealand season starts in August and ends in February.

·         Spain Avocado Season

Spain Avocado Season starts in November and ends in May.

·         Australia Avocado Season

Farmers grow two different varieties in Australia

  1. Hass variety whose season starts in May and ends in January.
  2. Shepherd variety whose season starts in February and ends in May.

How growers can determine when the when avocados on the trees are ready to pick and use.

Different cultivars of avocados mature during the year, but each variety matures at around the same period of each year.

Avocados are mature before picking, but not ready to eat.

They must be ripened off the tree.

The ripening process takes from a few days to a week, depending upon the degree of maturity, storage temperature, and variety.

When the fruit on the tree begins to mature, it becomes paler and changes color.

Small, rusty brown specks may develop on some varieties and other fruit may become somewhat duller in appearance.

Internally, the seed coat turns from ivory to dark brown upon maturity.

·         How to Determine Fruit Maturity

  1. Pick one of the larger fruits and keep it at room temperature until it softens.
  2. It is mature if it softens to good consistency if it isn’t tough, leathery or bitter, does not shrink or shrivel, and is good to eat.
  3. Once you prove the fruit is mature, the remaining fruit can then be picked from the tree as needed, allowing for softening time.

PLEASE NOTE: the tree is the best storage for the avocado fruits. Some varieties can stay on the tree for 8 months without ripening or going bad.

Picking only a few fruits at a time when needed may extend the harvest period for many months.

In some years, a crop of “off bloom” fruit may set prior to the regular crop.

These generally will be larger and more advanced in maturity than the regular crop and will be ready to pick and use at an earlier date.

Fruit refrigerated below ordinary temperatures may not soften properly. After the fruit has softened, it can be held in the refrigerator for a few more days.

·         Methods to test for readiness

To determine when the fruit is soft enough to eat, hold the fruit in the palm of the hand and gently squeeze with all fingers. If the flesh gives with slight pressure, it is ready to use.

Do not press fruit with the thumb.

Avocado are always yummy season after season

This results in discoloration and bruised spots and is the cause of much fruit being destroyed in the markets.

With some of the thicker skinned or hard-shelled types, softness may not be easily determined.

Remove the button at the stem and insert a toothpick into the opening. If the meat is soft, the fruit is ready to eat.


What are your views about the avocado seasons in the world? Please share them in the comments sections below.

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