Avocado Volumes on the Rise While Prices Decline

While Americans are paying more for everything from lumber to computer parts, and with most of the food industry contending with price increases, one surprising exception can be found: avocados.

While often considered one of the pricier items in the produce department, avocado supplies remain plentiful on the heels of a bumper crop in Mexico.

Rabobank reported that the U.S. market continued to absorb record avocado volumes , even amid the pandemic.

In fact, the U.S. brought in nearly 320 million pounds in January, representing an all-time high and a 33% increase over January 2020.

However, Rabobank argued the market will tighten in the second half of the year, with prices rising to reflect lower supplies.

The report indicated supplies could be less available later in the summer when California and Peru close their growing seasons and Mexico begins to transition into its new harvest. For more follow link below—>

Chris Campell