hass avocado in season

Avocado growing is slowly by slowly becoming a handsome money maker…

Read below to know why:

Every year, after the rainy season is over, and the harvest season has started, farmers are in a rush to sell their harvest.

They do so in a bid to recover their capital and to make profit in preparation for the next season planting…

For they know without early land preparation, they will miss the rains thus get poor harvests.

They also know without selling their products as fast as possible they won’t be able to meet their personal and farm expenses.

The desperation to sell fast, combined with huge harvest volumes and low market demand, makes them easy prey to brokers who offer low prices.

Instead of the harvest season bringing joy, it ends up bringing sadness.

You’ll find cabbage farmers crying, “We have no market for our produce. The market is flooded so brokers are buying a cabbage worth 60 shillings for 5 shillings. “

“If this continues for long, we will start feeding our cabbages to cattle!”

Farmers from Kitale join this sombre dirge.

You’ll hear them cry, “We are appealing to the ministry of agriculture and government to increase the buying price of maize.

” The price that NCPB is currently offering is too low.”

At that price, we won’t be able to break-even or make a profit because of the high cost of production.

Cries of desperate farmers ring everywhere!

However, there is a group of farmers who can’t stop partying because of the good profits they are getting.

This group is none other than Avocado farmers!


The market demand for avocado is so high that there will always thousands of buyers.

Don’t believe me?

Just ask the farmers in Ngararia in Muranga, and other growing areas.

Buyer Lorries, and pickups troop into their farms daily as early as 6:AM–even before they wake up.

The buyers are often in a bid to outsmart each other so that they don’t have to miss the avocado gravy.

Because of the High Demand for the Fruit, prices Will Always Be Good.

It is standard for buyers to offer the following:

One Hass avocado goes for Ksh 15/=

One Fuete avocado goes for Ksh 13/=

Considering that one mature avocado tree yields up to 3000 fruits, can you imagine a farmer can get up to Kenya shillings 45,000/= all from a single tree?

This is incredible considering that the most you can earn from a mature eucalyptus tree of the same age as the avocado tree is Ksh 2,000/=.

Please let me tell you the current price of an 8-year old eucalyptus tree in Kisii is Ksh 2,000 or less!

Can you compare that to avocado?

A poorly managed tree will earn you Ksh 8,000 every year for the next 39 years!

Every acre of avocado has the potential to earn more money than an acre of cabbages, maize, or beans.

Why break your back growing beans, maize, wheat, and then cry during the harvest season because of lack of market?

The current demand and prices are just the tip of the iceberg.

Things are set to get even better.

Market analysts are projecting that the avocado prices are set to skyrocket after President Uhuru signed a deal with China granting market access to Kenya’s avocado.

“Once all the paperwork and red tape is sorted, Kenya won’t even be able to meet 1/4 of the Chinese market demand.”

That’s not all.

Kenya’s avocado season rarely faces competition in the European markets.

This is because the Kenyan avocado season starts later than the Mexican and Peruvian season meaning both European and Chinese markets are always in desperate need of Kenyan avocado.

The demand and prices will always be good.

Work Less, Earn More—Just By Growing Avocado

Did you know avocado farmers spend less on labor during the growing season compared to other horticultural crops like flowers, and vegetables yet harvest more?

Do you know once avocado seedlings start yielding fruits, you’ll enjoy them with your children’s grandchildren?

Why lose time when you can start growing the fruit today so that you and your family can earn for a lifetime?

Take advantage of the current demand and prices, by reading these articles so that you can get all the info on how to start growing avocado today.

Try Avocado Farming. You’ll never regret it.

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