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Hass avocado farming in Kenya content here. From where to find seedlings, Climate requirements, marketing, Profits per acre. Browse through this page for more details.

Hass Avocado seedlings for sale Contact 0715609418

Are you searching for certified Hass avocado seedlings to start your Avocado farm?
If that describes your need, We can help.
We stock thousands of high quality Hass avocado seedlings in our nursery.
For only KES 150, per seedling, you can start your avocado farm.
We deliver via courier, shuttle matatus or bus companies–Whichever is convenient for you.
Payment is by secure MPESA Paybill 222189 account number: GATROM#
In case of any questions feel free to contact us on 0715609418 or 0739719879

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Hass Avocado In Kisii Makes Ksh 160,000 Shillings For Farmer

Can you imagine earning Ksh 160,000 from only 5 Hass Avocado Trees?
Yes, it is real that you can earn that, and much more!
As we speak, farmers in Kisii, Muranga, Embu, Eldoret, Nyeri, and other Hass growing areas are getting such incomes and much more!
Samuel Tirimba is just one case study of farmers making it.
“Income from Hass avocado is as sure as the rising sun.” He says.
“However long it may take; it will eventually arrive.”
“And when it eventually arrives, it comes with a bang!”
Read the amazing story of Samuel Tirimba’s here…

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Good News as Nyeri Avocado Farmers Earn +KES 250,000/Acre From Hass Avocado

If you come from Nyeri I have wonderful news for you.
You can earn KES 250,000+ per year from growing Hass Avocado in your farm:
• Without being there all the time,
• By working less than 5 times a year,
• Without struggling at all,
• And even if you don’t like farming!
In fact, if you take this seriously, you can earn up to 2,850,000/= per year by growing Hass avocado.
Imagine what the extra KES 250,000+ will do to you and your family…

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Hass Avocado Seedlings for Export Right Here: Check it out!

Are you looking to Import Hass Avocado seedlings into your Country?
If that describes you, you’ve come to the right place.

We export Hass Avocado seedlings to Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Gabon, Zimbabwe, and ALL OVER the world.
Kenya is one of Top exporters of Hass Avocado fruits in Africa.
In Africa, we are only behind South Africa, and in the next few years we are likely catch up and to overtake them.

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Hass Avocado Spacing in Kenya Best Spacing for Amazing Yields

Discover the key to maximizing your Hass avocado yields: strategic spacing. From considering root competition to implementing effective techniques, this blog post unveils the art of spacing for optimal sunlight exposure, airflow, and tree health. Learn how to plan your orchard for bountiful harvests and unlock the potential of your Hass avocado trees. With proper spacing, you can create an ideal environment for your avocados to thrive and enjoy abundant yields season after season.

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Post Harvest Handling of Avocados How to Do it Right

In this informative blog post, we delve into the art of preserving avocados after harvest. From gentle handling to meticulous sorting and quality control measures, we uncover the secrets to extending the shelf life and maintaining the market value of these delectable fruits. Join us as we explore the optimal maturity, proper storage techniques, and the importance of regular monitoring in the post-harvest handling and storage of avocados. Master the art and savor the perfection of every avocado bite.

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Avocado Maturity Testing: How to Know Fruit is Ready for Harvest

Avocado maturity testing holds the key to unlocking the peak of flavor and texture. By understanding the various techniques like dry matter analysis, oil content evaluation, and practical methods such as hand-picking and color assessment, growers can determine the ideal harvest time. Timing is crucial to capturing the perfect balance of ripeness and maximizing the quality of avocados. Whether you’re a professional grower or an avid enthusiast, mastering the art of avocado maturity testing guarantees a bountiful harvest of luscious, creamy fruits that will tantalize your taste buds.

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How to Know an Avocado Is Ripe 4 ways

Get ready to become an avocado detective! No more avocado disasters—learn the art of determining the ripeness of an avocado. From gentle squeezes to sniffing for that perfect aroma, we’ll unveil the secrets to knowing when avocados are ripe. Get your taste buds ready for creamy perfection and say goodbye to underripe or mushy messes!

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Hass Avocado Seedlings In Nyamira Are THe Best!

Are you searching for a plant nursery in Nyamira where you are guaranteed to find high quality certified Hass Avocado seedlings?
If that describes you, I have Good News!
You’ll find wonderful Hass seedlings at Nyamira Prison Farm.
Don’t buy the seedlings elsewhere.
There you will buy at a higher price and you won’t have any guarantee what you are getting is Hass Avocado.
To know more about the location of Nyamira Prison, cost of seedlings, and delivery options available, read this post for details.

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