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Would you believe it if I said, “You can get up to 50-90 tons of watermelon per acre in the next 90 days even if you are a newbie farmer?”

I know these statement may sound too good to be true.

However, it is VERY VALID and practicable.

All you need to do is follow simple strategies… that I will discuss shortly

… and you’ll be propelled to the epitome of success even if you are currently struggling with watermelon production.


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 “You Can Get Up to 100 Tons/Acre Says Amiran Kenya Expert!”

Johnstone Makau an Expert Agronomist working for Amiran Kenya says:

“1 acre of Lahat F1 watermelon variety can yield 10,000 fruits.”

(You can read the full story here:)

He proved this fact as he was conducting field visits and trials with MANY ORDINARY farmers across Kenya.

This really excited him to see farmers who had almost given up farming becoming RICH.

As he advised and coached farmers he found out…

“Farmers who grew watermelon in a certain way (that I am going to explain shortly) easily produced 10,000 watermelon fruits in one acre.”

That is just one part of the story.

The watermelon fruit weighed an average of 10 KG meaning they got an astonishing 100,000 Kg of fruit/acre.

Now. Just imagine the profit these ORDINARY farmers get if they sell a kilo of for between KES 25/= to KES 40/=

Do the math for yourself…

However, what makes some watermelon farmers succeed while others fail?

Before I get into the gist of all that, make sure you download your free guide below.

Step #1 Grow Your Watermelon In The Right Location

This is a no brainer, yet farmers make mistake after mistake on it.

They make FATAL errors by growing watermelon in the wrong place.

For example, I know of a newbie farmer who decided to grow watermelon in Kinangop.

If you’ve never heard of the place, it is one of the coldest highland areas in Kenya.

Another farmer grew watermelon in Kericho.

Then one day, hailstones pelted his 5-acre watermelon farm, decimating it completely. He ended up losing over Kenya shillings 300,000/=

Despite these stories of losses, there are other stories of big profits earned from watermelon farming.

What simply determines whether you’ll make profit or loss is:

“The knowledge you have about watermelon farming, and how you apply that knowledge.”

Well, for starters…

Watermelon is a warm season crop.

For it to grow fast, healthy and sweet it requires temperatures ranging from 25-32 degrees.

This temperature range is critical for watermelon production.

Therefore, growing watermelon in temperatures outside this range will severely reduce the yield per acre of your farm.

“Suppose I live where the temperatures are much lower. Can I grow watermelon?”

Yes. You can grow watermelon in a cold area, but you have to do it in a greenhouse.

If doing so doesn’t increase the temperature, you may have to provide supplemental heating.

Watermelon profits are real

Step #2 Never Compromise On The Soil Conditions

Watermelon is like a human baby.

Provide the baby with the right nutrition, and it will grow into a sharp strong human.

Neglect the nutrition of the baby, and it will end up with marasmus, kwashiorkor or suffer a nasty death.

“So how do you give watermelon the right soil conditions?”

  1. You have to conduct a soil test to determine the suitability of your soil.

Some people would say, “a soil test is expensive, I can’t afford it.”

I do agree that conducting one increases costs. However, it will pay itself big when you harvest great watermelon yields.

  1. Add well-rotted manure to the soil to improve fertility.

Goat droppings. Cow dung. Compost. Farmyard manure. Hen droppings and other organic matter are excellent sources of organic matter.

By adding them, you will make your soil fertile and rich in fauna and flora that support high watermelon yields. The good news is all this is under your control. That’s not all…

Step #3: consistent irrigation throughout the growing season will give you an edge!

Please remember:

During the critical stages of germination, flowering and fruiting, watermelons require sufficient amounts of water.

Insufficient water would lead to poor germination of seed, flower abortion, and shriveling of fruits or development of spongy fruits.

So if your area has challenges in the regularity and sufficiency of rain, you’ll have to supplement that with irrigation.

Just give sufficient water. Never overdo it.

Excess water will lower the yield of watermelon per acre. It could also lead to bursting of fruit if it is given when the fruits have already matured.

Excess water encourages the development of bacterial and fungal diseases that lead to rotting and eventual death of the plant.

What can you do to control excess water or rain?

  1. If you anticipate that you’ll have a lot of rain, dig drainage channels.
  2. Time the season so that fruit maturity and harvesting does not coincide with the rainy season.
  • Do a moisture test before irrigation. Simply take a sharp stick. Insert it into the soil. If it comes out with some sticky mud, give it some few days before adding more water.

Do the above and excess water will be a thing of the past!

STEP #5 Grow the Right Watermelon Variety to Maximize Your Returns Per Acre

As I said before, there are hundreds of watermelon varieties in Kenya, and across the world.

Each watermelon variety has a different yield potential per acre.

The varieties with the least potential are the open pollinated varieties. Those with the maximum yield potential are the F1 hybrids.

To get good yields, grow the high yielding varieties.

The list below constitutes the watermelon varieties, weight of single fruit, their yield per acre, and the Company Selling that watermelon variety:

  1. Crimson Sweet, 8-10 KG/ fruit, 30-40 tons/acre, sold by Royal Seed Company.
  2. Sugar Baby, 20-30 tons/acre, sold by Royal Seed Company.
  • Early Scarlet F1, 50-60 tons/acre, sold by Royal Seed Company.
  1. Adanman 636 F1, 40-50 tons/acre, sold by Royal Seed Company.
  2. Asali F1, 10-12 KG/plant, 30-40 tons/acre sold by Royal Seed Company
  3. Daytona F1, Sold by Kenya Seed Company.
  • Charleston Grey, Sold by Kenya Seed Company.
  • Sugar Belle F1, Sold by Kenya Seed Company.
  1. Honeybee F1, Sold by Kenya Seed Company.
  2. Sweet Rose F1, Sold by Kenya Seed Company.
  3. Lahat F1, 9-11KG/fruit, Amiran Seed Company.
  • Riverside 6801 F1, 11-13KG/fruit, Amiran Seed Company.
  • Maridadi F1, 8-10KG/fruit, Amiran Seed Company.

The above is just a small list of watermelon varieties in Kenya, weight per fruit, and yield per acre for each variety.

watermelon makes farmers millionaires

STEP #5 Use The Right Plant Population/acre

Now this point is super critical.

So pay attention is you want to harvest 90+ tons per acre.

You MUST have a watermelon plant population of 2,500 plants per acre.

To achieve this, by space your watermelon at 1 X 1.5 Meters.

At this spacing you’ll be having the right watermelon density per acre.

It will be neither few or excess plants.

Follow these 5 steps religiously and in 90 days you will search for me to buy me a soda.

Other Farmers are doing it. You too can get such insane Yields Per Acre

Japheth Ong’ayi, a farmer in Madunguni, near River Galana, in Malindi, has seen it all when it comes to watermelon farming.

He has seen the good and the bad times.

Despite experiencing various challenges he says, “I get watermelon yields of between 80-90tons per acre.”

In a season, I spend up to KES 120,000/= to grow an acre of watermelon.

On bad seasons, he sells his watermelons at Ksh 8/= per Kilo thus earning a profit of KES =.

His story was featured by the seeds of Gold of the Daily nation.

You can read the story here.

Class 8 Leaver Makes 2.5 million Net Income from Watermelon.

Kariuki Musyoka Dropped out of school due to lack of school fees.

He resolved to work harder than his peers who went to school in order to earn a living.

So he immersed himself in the trade he knew well—farming.

“Which crop can I grow?” He asked himself.

After much thought, he chose watermelon farming.

Little did he know this would change his life forever.

The first season he farmed watermelon, he earned a whopping KES 2.5 million.

Since then, he has never looked back. He is breaking production record after record.

Read the full story here.

There’s nothing stopping you from similar success. All you need is to take action and you’ll be enjoying similar results.

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Key Take Away:

Watermelon Can Be massive if you purpose to make it so! Become rich farming watermeloncool

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