Best Sukuma wiki varieties in Kenya:

In Kenya we have 5 top Sukuma wiki varieties in Kenya

  1. Southern Georgia Sukuma wiki variety
  2. A thousand Headed Sukuma wiki variety
  3. Mfalme F1 Sukuma wiki variety
  4. Curly Kale
  5. Perennial Kale

All these varieties have certain characteristics that I will discuss in detail below:

You need to know each sukuma wiki variety characteristics so that:

You know which one is suitable for your farm,

    • The management measures to put in place so that you get the most yields,
    • The yield per acre of each variety,
    • and the profits you’ll get growing a variety

Ready to know these characteristics?

Continue reading below,

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Southern Georgia Sukuma Wiki Variety In Kenya

This Sukuma variety produces dark green leaves which are very attractive to consumers.

A feature that makes it highly popular compared to other varieties.

That’s not all.

This kale variety produces a thick waxy layer.

With this thick layer, it’s highly resistant to hot weather—a feature that allows it to grow successfully in almost every area in Kenya!

A Thousand Headed Sukuma Variety

When you compare the yield of Southern Georgia to a thousand Headed variety, the later comes on top.

Therefore, if your target is high kales yields per acre, then go for the “A thousand headed variety.”

Despite the advantage of high yields over other kale varieties, this variety

  1. Produces greenish yellow leaves which is a major disadvantage because buyers may think the vegetables are not fresh.
  2. It is also less resistant to hot dry weather; hence it grows best in highland areas that have cool weather.
Kale Growing PDF

Mfalme F1 Sukuma/Kale Variety

This Sukuma variety is sold by the East Africa Seed company.

According to them, they say it is a cross between a cabbage and kale/Sukuma wiki.

For that reason, it is suitable for people who experience acidity whenever they eat kale.

The variety produces dark green leaves, high yields, and kales that have a long shelf life.

Nevertheless, it has one big disadvantage.

Its seeds are two to three times expensive compared to other seed varieties.

Kale Kalf Tall Curled Sukuma wiki Variety in Kenya

This kale variety produces curly leaves.

When harvested at the right time, the leaves are very tender thus produce high quality vegetable dish.

The major disadvantages is:

  1. It’s a relatively new variety in Kenya thus selling it could be a challenge.
  2. Requires very cool weather to grow well, thus production is limited to the highland areas of Kinungi, Limuru and Nyandarua.
  3. Short shelf life compared to Southern Georgia, A thousand Headed and Mfalme F1 and the Perennial Kale.

Seed for the kale Half Tall is Sold By Hygrotech Kenya As shown in the Photo below

Kale seed-Curly Kale Half Tall

The Perennial Kale Variety

This Kale variety has shrub like characteristics.

It can grow continuously for over 3 years without dying.

The other advantage is that it produces dark green leaves that have a good shelf life.

That’s not all.

Perennial kale multiplies vegetatively.

This means you don’t need seed at all or to keep them at the nursery.

All you need is to plant the splits that grow at the stem.

Despite all these advantages, the variety has some disadvantages:

  1. It is a very low yielder compared to the other 4 varieties especially during dry weather.
  2. It is prone to powdery mildew attack compared to other varieties.
perennial kale variety

In Summary:

Kale is the most popular green leafy vegetable in Kenya and perhaps the whole of East Africa.

If you have any thoughts on this topic, best sukuma wiki varieties in Kenya, share them on the comment section below!


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