black shade cloth for nursery

Black shade nets:

Imagine “You have young, vulnerable plants growing in summer.”

The plants could be newly grafted plants that need tender care or…

Germinating seedlings that require sufficient warmth, but not extreme heat…

Or valuable plants you are preparing for an exhibition or sale.

Now imagine summer temperatures soaring to a deadly 40+ degrees Celsius.

Will such plants survive the hot sun without any shade protection?

If extreme heat causes heat stress to humans, (beings that can think and rush to a shade) what will happen to delicate plants?

Vulnerable plants surely need shade cloth protection to survive extreme weather.

“Aren’t shade nets an additional expense to farming?” You may ask.

Of course shade nets are an Additional Expense.

However, let me ask you,

“Would you allow your delicate plants to DIE because of the little cost of buying shade nets?”

Would you GLADLY accept the loss of valuable time spent to get the plants grow?

…When you are fully aware that tender seedlings, newly grafted plants, and germinating seedlings are at a HIGH RISK of withering, breaking, falling then dying in hot weather?

Don’t let intense summer heat, or strong winds or hailstones to destroy your valuable plants.

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black shadecloth being unboxed

Sunblock Shade Cloth Creates a Humid Environment for Tender Seedlings, Newly Grafted Plants, and Germinating seeds!

Just imagine exposing young delicate plants to the intense summer sun. The hot sun will simply ‘roast’ your seedlings dry! Why? The weather is hot and dry instead of being warm and humid. Without the humid environment the young plants, or grafted plants transpire rapidly, consequently wilt and die. To prevent this from happening, PLACE the plants under a shade net for 3-4 weeks. By doing so, the Sun mesh shade will provide a 30-90% partial shade. The shade, coupled with some irrigation creates a humid environment that’s favorable for the weak plants. Consequently, the grafted plants will transpire slowly thus giving graft union time to heal, and young seedlings time to harden. Now that you know the deadly impact of bad weather, why risk your precious plants to the vagaries of weather? Why flush your money down the drain by refusing to invest in a shade net that will ASSURE PROTECTION for your rare plants?
shade nets are suitable for protecting seedlings and young plants

Shade netting for plants Greatly Improves the Survival Rate of Tender Plants and Grafted Seedlings.

Just ask anybody… who is in the business of selling plants. They will tell you, “Seedlings grown under a shade net have a survival rate of 90-95%.” That rate is incomparable with placing the seedlings in the open where the survival rate is between 10-45%. This low survival rate for open nurseries is far too low… Making it impossible for the nursery man to make profit. So… if you are planning to have a nursery, ignore having shade nets at your own peril.

Seedlings grown under a Sun Block Shade Cloth grow faster, and stronger than those grown out in the open.

Why? They suffer less stress. Instead of concentrating their energy on surviving, they concentrate their energy on growing. This amazing outcome is validated by research. Countless research shows seedlings grown under shade nets grow and mature faster after they are transplanted to the open field than those planted in the open field.

Shade Nets Give you The Ability to grow plants off season

Imagine how fast your produce will fly off the shelf when they are the only ones in the market. By growing seedlings in a shade house, you are able to give plants a head start of the season as you wait for the weather to improve.

When other farmers have to wait for the weather, your plants ahead of theirs by weeks or even months tongue-out

In Conclusion:

Shade nets are a necessary item for modern day PROFITABLE farming.

  • They will make you money by way of protecting your delicate plants from vagaries of weather.
  • They will make you money by increasing the survival rate of your seedlings.
  • They will make you money when you’ve had the ability to produce off season.

Why wait to suffer losses due to bad weather when you can do something about it?

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