50 kilo bag of CAN fertilizer for use

CAN fertilizer uses:

Thinking of using CAN fertilizer and you don’t know if it is worth using?

If that describes you, then you are at the right place.

Before I explain why you should consider using CAN, let us first examine the

Advantages of Using Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer

First is the ability of using CAN on all types of crops at any time. You can thus use CAN before sowing and for top dressing).

CAN contains calcium and magnesium, two CRITICAL elements known to:

  • Improve the ability of plants roots to absorb nitrogen thus reducing nitrogen losses,
  • Make the application of fertilization more profitable;
  • Protect subsoil waters against pollution by nitrogen compounds
  • Lengthen the florescence, promote the root, stem & leaf to grow normally.
  • Enhance fruit color making it bright and attractive thus more sales to you.

That’s not all about using CAN fertilizer.

CAN fertilizer has an almost neutral PH.

For that reason, you can use it on soils with very low PH without acidifying the soil any further.

For use on perennial fruit crops (where soil incorporation of lime is difficult)

It is a nitrogen fertilizer which contains equal parts of fast acting nitrate-nitrogen and longer lasting ammonium-nitrogen

Volatilization of nitrogen from calcium ammonium nitrate is negligible, therefore the timing of the applications

CAN fertilizer uses

Uses of calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer:

Calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer is used to prevent the development of Blossom end rot in vegetables like:

  • Watermelon
  • Tomatoes
  • And sweet peppers

is the high-efficient compound fertilizer including nitrogen and quick-acting calcium. Its fertilizer efficiency is quick, there is characteristic of mending the nitrogen fast.

Secondly, we use CAN in the greenhouse and large area farmland to improve the soil granule structure thus making it not develop lumps.

While growing industrial crops, flowers, fruit, vegetables, Kale CAN fertilizer can

  1. Lengthen florescence,
  2. Enhance the root, stem and leaf to grow normally;
  3. Guarantee the bright color of the fruit,
  4. Increase the fruit sugar content.
  5. Encourages the growth and yield of maize when used as a top dressing fertilizer
  6. Helps to stop calcium deficiency in crops that are prone to calcium deficiency.

Surely, CAN high-efficient environmental protection green fertilizer.

What are some of your thoughts on the uses of can fertilizer?

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