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Great News as Westfalia the first to export avocados to South Korea

For the first time, Westfalia Colombia, has successfully exported Colombian Hass avocados to South Korea .

Westfalia Fruit is part of the global Group and known as #AvoExperts,
“We are very proud to be the first to achieve the feat. says Pedro Aguilar, General Manager of Westfalia Colombia.”
“By working closely with the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) and the Korean Government, we met the STRINGENT protocols for export.

“I am very happy to say Korean consumers can enjoy our first 18 tons shippment of best quality Colombian avocados.”
“Westfalia Group works hand-in hand with government authorities and regulators in Peru, Mexico, Chile, USA and South Africa.
Our partnership help us develop processes and phytosanitary protocols for…

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Kenya Avocado Market The Good Bad and Ugly

Kenya is one of the MOST aggressive farming nations in Africa.
The country leads in the export of black tea, cut flowers, mangos, herbs, French beans, baby carrots, Avocado and many other commodities.
What this means is Kenyan farmers are very SHARP in taking advantage of opportunities for profit.
Such an opportunity presented itself in the export of Hass and Fuete avocados to Europe, Middle East and other export destinations.

There was a…

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