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Top Reasons Why Andalusian Citrus prices Have Fallen Sharply

In the first three weeks of the 2021/22 campaign, the average prices of oranges, tangerines, and lemons have decreased by 11% on average each week as a result of accumulated delays in container transport that have affected the current supply of southern hemisphere citrus fruit on the world market.

The average prices of these citrus fruits at their source have been 16.5% lower than those registered in the same weeks of the 2020/21 campaign (when they were especially high due to COVID-19) and 9.8% lower than in the same period of the five preceding campaigns.

“However, professionals in the sector expect prices to increase in the coming weeks as a result of the decrease in the supply of citrus fruits in the market and the increase in demand due to the arrival of winter in Europe,” the Prices and Markets Observatory stated.

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Matinna Fresh growth plans after new citrus planting project

Mattina Fresh, is using the challenging international trade conditions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic to help consolidate and strengthen its standing in the domestic market. National Sales Director Thomas Panna says the company chose to stay away from export markets in the citrus category this season, and instead planted 360 acres of its own fruit in Griffith, New South Wales.

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Great Joy As Brazilian orange Growers Defeat Cartel Boss

More than 1,500 Brazilian orange growers are celebrating today (Friday) after law firm PGMBM secured a High Court judgment that will result in a multi-billionaire Brazilian orange juice magnate facing trial over his participation in an illegal cartel.

José Luis Cutrale, and his son, José Luis Cutrale Jr, were part of an operation that substantially impacted the global market for the sale of orange juice.

The growers are seeking damages which could run into the billions of pounds as the cartel suppressed the prices growers could sell oranges at forcing thousands out of business and thousands more into financial ruin.

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