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How to Prune Watermelon for Profit

I clearly remember the first time I grew watermelon like yesterday.
When I remember how naïve I was…
I find myself almost shedding tears because I had to learn the hard way.
Before growing watermelon, I was growing maize, beans, sorghum, millet.
The crops above are wonderful crops.
In fact, you can make a decent living by growing them
However, all of them have once similarity.
If you carefully consider all the crops I have mentioned above, none of them requires pruning.
All of them produce handsome yields, if they get the right management—without any pruning.
So when I ventured into growing watermelon, I took the experience of growing beans, maize, sorghum and millet to watermelon.
And boy…I failed terribly.
None of the watermelon grew to be over 4 kilos.
Most of them were 3 kilos or less.
So I wondered…
How is it that other farmers are getting fruits weighing 9-15 kilos, while I can barely get fruits that weigh 4 kilos.
This outcome disturbed me for a long time.
I saw myself as a failure—and I almost vowed to never-ever grow watermelon again.
Check out this post to find out how pruning make me get big watermelon fruits

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How Many Watermelons Per acre? Answer for Great Profits Yields

How many watermelons per acre?
Thousands of people around the world ask this question all the time.
And this post is going to give the answer.
When I first began growing watermelon I faced the same problem.
I did not know how much watermelons to expect in an acre.
So I did some online research to find the right answer,
Unfortunately, there was too much conflicting information about the number of melons per acre.
Some info put the figure at 20,000 fruits per acre, others 10,000 and others 7,500 fruits.
“So… which is the right answer?” I wondered.
It is then that I realized to find it, “I’ll have to grow my own watermelon to find it.”
The good news is, I did just that…
…and today, I am sharing with you the results of my experiments, and the philosophy behind it.
Without wasting time—I will go straight to the point and answer the question.
“In one acre, you should have 2,500 watermelon plants.
When each plant produces 3 watermelons, you should have 7,500 watermelons per acre.
And for those guys who love calculating area in hectares, 1 hectare should have 18,375 watermelons.”
Check out this post to find out how I arrived at this watermelon population per acre!

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Arabicum Flower Farming in Kenya: Everything You Need To Know

Are you interested in growing Arabicum cut flowers as a source of income?
If that describes you, then you are at the right place.
In this post you’ll find everything you need to know so that you can start arabicum flower farming in Kenya.
Continue reading to learn how you can make big money from arabicum Flower farming in Kenya.
First Things First: What is Arabicum Flower?
I am sure you agree with me that the arabicum flower is not as famous as rose flower.
So it won’t be strange to discover many people around the world don’t know a thing about arabicum.
That’s why I want to start this conversation by explaining the features of the arabicum flowers.
Well…Arabicum is an annual flower grown from bulbs.
Its foliage as well as the stem originate from the bulb.
The mother bulb produces several leaves after it is planted.
Just before arabicum begins to flower, the mother bulb produces several other small bulbs.
visit post for more details

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Passion Fruit Spray Program For Amazing Yield and Profit

Here is a passion fruit spray program That Will Allow You to Save Tons of Cash, Produce More and Make More Profit
There are numerous spraying programs for passion fruit.
All these programs are unique in their own way.
Some are designed to spur fruit development, prevent disease, sweeten fruits, promote flowering etc.
The bottom line, whatever spray program you adopt, it must be:
• Effective
• Affordable
• Maximize yield and profit.
• Friendly to the user and to the environment.
For us to achieve these objectives, we are going to use three pest control methods… instead of relying on chemical sprays only.
These pest control methods will be:
• Organic,
• Mechanical,
• And finally chemical sprays.
Continue reading for more details

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How to Store Potatoes For Long After Harvest: Amazing Tips

Are you a potato farmer who has found himself in this situation:
• You’ve had a bumper harvest, you expect to make good profit, unfortunately you haven’t found buyers?
• Or the market prices are too low to make a profit? That you to need store your potatoes for some time for prices to improve?
If that describes you, then you are not alone.
Farmers around the world face these problems ALL the time.
They find that they cant sell their potatoes when they want.
The solution…store the potatoes, so that prices improve.
The good news is, “You are never going to worry those problems anymore.”
I am going to share with you amazing tricks…
…that will help you store potatoes for more than 8 months.
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How to Produce Onion Seed Top Secrets of Seed Companies

Have you ever wondered how do seed companies produce onion seeds?
Me too.
I’ve wondered about it for a long time.
So I decided to do a little research.
My objective, “To uncover how seed breeders produce onion seed.”
My research uncovered very interesting things…
That I am sure they will excite you.
I discovered that onion seed breeders use two approaches to produce onion seed.
• Bulb to seed
• Seed to seed
For that reason, my discussion will explain the details of these two approaches.
Ready to know how to produce onion seed?
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How to Prepare Land for Planting Hass Avocado, For Success.

Congratulations that you’ve decided to venture into Hass Avocado Farming.
It’s an amazing opportunity, that I would recommend to my best friends, relatives and even enemies…
Because of the good living possible through avocado farming.
Before I get into the gist of the matter…
To explain how to go about preparing the land for avocado farming.
I am making the following assumptions:
• Your land is suitable for avocado farming.
• It does not experience any waterlogging conditions.
• It is in a protected area—away from intrusion by animals like goats, cows or any herbivore.
• You have security in your area (I am telling you this—once some JEALOUS PEOPLE see the huge returns you’ll get from growing avocado, some of them will be tempted to become thieves.)

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Amazing 3 Months Crops in Kenya Take Advantage of Short Rains

There are a number of 3-months crops in Kenya that can help you take advantage of the short rains.
I have listed them on a table to make it convenient for you to have a quick glance at them
However, that’s not the end of the story.
Providing a list is something very easy to do.
In fact, anybody can do it.
Because I want you to benefit I give an explainer (Below the Table) of each crop and why it makes sense to grow it.
Continue reading…

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How Long Does Passion Fruit Take to Grow?

I get this question ALL the time.
People aspiring to become passion fruit farmers want answers to the question so that they can:
1. Determine whether passion fruit farming is worth trying,
2. Come up with a production plan,
3. Know how long, it will take before they get the first CASH from their hard work.
Based on my experience growing passion, it will take 8-16 months.
This may seem like a long time to wait, before you get your FIRST harvest.
But it is not.
I will explain to you the exact details for shortening this growth period…
So that you can start getting lots of passion fruits sooner.
And you’ll be surprised by the information contained here.
It is super juicy.
My bet is, “You won’t find it elsewhere on the internet.”
Check it out!

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Growing Fruit Trees for Profit in Kenya: Amazing Investment

The corona pandemic and the subsequent lockdown showed people who depend on employment income are HIGHLY vulnerable to financial shock.

In a span of 2 months, they found themselves in unchartered waters.

Suddenly, affording basic expenses like rent, food and medical care fees became like climbing Mount Everest.

School teachers (those who teach private schools & Colleges)—were hit the most.

“Now what does this have to do with growing fruit trees for profit?”

You may ask.

I’ll get to that in a moment.

and will give you the details how people who had fruit trees during this period made hard cash.
Fruit trees truly are a SILENT money maker.
Check out the full post for more details.

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Grow This Profitable Crop Without Thinking Twice

Every prospective farmer goes through the phase where he evaluates which crop to grow in his or her farm for profit.
This is a difficult period because there are so many options available.
For that reason, this post gives you an idea of one crop that you should consider growing without thinking twice if your environment allows.
Check it out for details.

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