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How Great Avocado Harvest Cause Price drop In USA

Bumper harvests are supposed to result in great earnings!
If only this could be true—then all farmers would make a super profit in times of bumper harvests.
Unfortunately, it’s not.
Avocado farmers supplying the US market find themselves in this situation.
They’ve worked hard in the season, the weather has favored them, and the avocados have yielded fruit but prices have tanked 14%.
Despite this unfortunate development…

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New Australian technology can significantly cut avocado tree wait times

You and I know that Avocado farming is a business of patience.
Before you get your first harvest, you have to wait 3-4 years.
And that’s a long time.
Farmers who aren’t prepared for the wait, end up failing.
So any developments that could shorten this LONG waiting period, are always welcome d by the industry.
Well, just recently Australian scientists made a breakthrough discovery.
They found a way that could not only shorten the….

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