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How to Prune Watermelon for Profit

I clearly remember the first time I grew watermelon like yesterday.
When I remember how naïve I was…
I find myself almost shedding tears because I had to learn the hard way.
Before growing watermelon, I was growing maize, beans, sorghum, millet.
The crops above are wonderful crops.
In fact, you can make a decent living by growing them
However, all of them have once similarity.
If you carefully consider all the crops I have mentioned above, none of them requires pruning.
All of them produce handsome yields, if they get the right management—without any pruning.
So when I ventured into growing watermelon, I took the experience of growing beans, maize, sorghum and millet to watermelon.
And boy…I failed terribly.
None of the watermelon grew to be over 4 kilos.
Most of them were 3 kilos or less.
So I wondered…
How is it that other farmers are getting fruits weighing 9-15 kilos, while I can barely get fruits that weigh 4 kilos.
This outcome disturbed me for a long time.
I saw myself as a failure—and I almost vowed to never-ever grow watermelon again.
Check out this post to find out how pruning make me get big watermelon fruits

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How to Store Potatoes For Long After Harvest: Amazing Tips

Are you a potato farmer who has found himself in this situation:
• You’ve had a bumper harvest, you expect to make good profit, unfortunately you haven’t found buyers?
• Or the market prices are too low to make a profit? That you to need store your potatoes for some time for prices to improve?
If that describes you, then you are not alone.
Farmers around the world face these problems ALL the time.
They find that they cant sell their potatoes when they want.
The solution…store the potatoes, so that prices improve.
The good news is, “You are never going to worry those problems anymore.”
I am going to share with you amazing tricks…
…that will help you store potatoes for more than 8 months.
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Passion Fruit Seedlings for Sale in Kenya Details Call 0715609418

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
Likewise, the dream of having a highly productive passion fruit farm starts with planting the right passion seedlings.
Because how you start your passion farm is CRUCIAL, we are committed to providing you with the best Passion seedlings at an affordable price.
For only KES 100 get all the seedlings you need for your farm!
Simply by checking this post you get access to the best passion fruit seedlings in Kenya!

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How To Prune Hass Avocado For More Yields and Profit!

Would you like to harvest grade A fruits season after season?

If that is your wish don’t forget to prune your Hass Avocado Trees.
Pruning is one aspect of Hass avocado management that expert credit to make a difference in the quality of fruit harvested.

Well pruned avocado trees give 30% more fruit than those that haven’t been pruned.

Why lose a third of your harvests by letting avocado grow uncontrolled?

Read this post to know when your avocado needs Pruning, the right techniques for Pruning, types of Pruning and how pruning can significantly improve your avocado harvests.

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Hass Avocado seedlings for sale Contact 0715609418

Are you searching for certified Hass avocado seedlings to start your Avocado farm?
If that describes your need, We can help.
We stock thousands of high quality Hass avocado seedlings in our nursery.
For only KES 150, per seedling, you can start your avocado farm.
We deliver via courier, shuttle matatus or bus companies–Whichever is convenient for you.
Payment is by secure MPESA Paybill 222189 account number: GATROM#
In case of any questions feel free to contact us on 0715609418 or 0739719879

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