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Rio Grande Tomato Variety. The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

I always harbored the dream of growing tomatoes and becoming a millionaire from doing it.
And for a long time, I shoved this dream aside.
Then one day, I decided to give it a try.
Like everyone, who has a dream, I had to do some research.
Using my smart phone, I jumped into my FIRST research station—Google.
I read many articles about tomatoes:
• About their yield per acre
• The diseases affecting it,
• Market potential,
• The Top Varieties,
• And how people who dropped out of school, or who were fired from their jobs, became instant millionaires just by growing tomatoes.
All this information was relayed with absolute eloquence, in blogs, YouTube Videos, Facebook posts, and in Tweets.
And I fell for it.
For it vindicated my dream…

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Open Field Tomato Farming: Check Out This to Get Amazing Yields

Did you know that:
• 90% of the World’s Tomato production is open field?
• That you can harvest up of 60 tons an acre simply by growing tomatoes in the open field?
• That it costs far much less to start open field tomato cultivation?
• You can save tones of cash growing tomatoes in the open?
These great numbers and facts show that open field tomato farming is:
• Practical
• Highly Profitable,
• And Rewarding.
Therefore, if you’ve been thinking of growing tomatoes, you’ve come to the right place…

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