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Herbicides That Kill Only Grass Best in Kenya

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to Kill grasses only using an herbicide?
If you have found yourself in such a situation you are in the right place.
I clearly remember the day I found myself in this position.
2 weeks earlier, I had planted some yellow beans.
The beans had germinated very well.
In fact, the germination was almost 100%.
But I had a problem.
As the beans grew, grass weeds grew along with them.
“What should I do to remove these nasty grass weeds?”
I asked myself.
Two options were available to me…
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How to Store Potatoes For Long After Harvest: Amazing Tips

Are you a potato farmer who has found himself in this situation:
• You’ve had a bumper harvest, you expect to make good profit, unfortunately you haven’t found buyers?
• Or the market prices are too low to make a profit? That you to need store your potatoes for some time for prices to improve?
If that describes you, then you are not alone.
Farmers around the world face these problems ALL the time.
They find that they cant sell their potatoes when they want.
The solution…store the potatoes, so that prices improve.
The good news is, “You are never going to worry those problems anymore.”
I am going to share with you amazing tricks…
…that will help you store potatoes for more than 8 months.
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How to Produce Onion Seed Top Secrets of Seed Companies

Have you ever wondered how do seed companies produce onion seeds?
Me too.
I’ve wondered about it for a long time.
So I decided to do a little research.
My objective, “To uncover how seed breeders produce onion seed.”
My research uncovered very interesting things…
That I am sure they will excite you.
I discovered that onion seed breeders use two approaches to produce onion seed.
• Bulb to seed
• Seed to seed
For that reason, my discussion will explain the details of these two approaches.
Ready to know how to produce onion seed?
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Kale Seedlings for Sale in Kenya Ready for Transplanting

Are you searching for a suitable supplier for kale seedlings?
Do you need kale seedlings that you can use to:
1. Plant in your kitchen garden so that you can take advantage of the coming rains?
2. Start out your kale farm for commercial production?
3. Grow Sukuma wiki in sack, bag or gunia for your daily needs?
If that describes you, then you’ve come to the right place.
We have amazing Sukuma wiki and kale seedlings for your needs.
Check out this post today…

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Amazing 3 Months Crops in Kenya Take Advantage of Short Rains

There are a number of 3-months crops in Kenya that can help you take advantage of the short rains.
I have listed them on a table to make it convenient for you to have a quick glance at them
However, that’s not the end of the story.
Providing a list is something very easy to do.
In fact, anybody can do it.
Because I want you to benefit I give an explainer (Below the Table) of each crop and why it makes sense to grow it.
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