If you are new to copywriting you must be asking, “Who is a copywriter, and how can copywriting help my business?”

Before I answer this question, I have a little story—that you may identify with.

Do you remember the days you were in college?

If you do, I am sure you can at least recall the formula of writing a thesis.

It was quite robotic. To write an excellent dissertation, you had to start writing by the problem statement, followed by literature review, materials, and methods, observations, then conclusion.

Back then, the formula worked perfectly. I passed my college exams, and I knew that was the way to communicate to prospects.

However, when I ushered myself into the business world, and I followed this method of writing as I tried selling different products—I failed miserably. All the blogs I wrote—using the formula— performed poorly. They never got traffic or sales. They had a high bounce rate, and I was bitterly disappointed.

For a long time, I could not understand what was causing the non-performance of my content.

Then I started researching. During every free time I had, I searched for information on how I could write better blog posts. I tried one writing method after another but still found no success. As luck would have it, I bumped into copywriting.

I had never had about the word, or what it was all about. It was then that I realized copywriting was about persuasion, and if I structured my writing using the old college formula, I would never succeed to sell anything.

Anything written in that formula won’t persuade someone to buy even a matchbox. Persuasion is what works in the business world, and copywriting has to do with it.

How Does This Have to do with a Copywriter and Copywriting?

To date, I see most businesses still stuck in the past. They think by having services, location and an about us page are sufficient to make them attract customers through their website.  If only they knew they need a copywriter, they would hire one right now.

Back to our mission:

A copywriter is someone who specializes in writing highly compelling content. With useful material, I mean copy that attracts and grips attention and persuades readers to act in a certain way.

The action copywriter may want the reader to could be, to sign up for a newsletter, buy a product, watch a video, read a blog post or anything. For someone to be an excellent copywriter, he must ensure a large percentage of people who read his content act.

That’s not all.

The content a copywriter creates is not limited to articles.

It could also be in the form of blogs, newsletters, videos, whitepapers, case studies, ads, or even email. Whatever the style, it must effectively market and sell a product.

Now that you’ve known who’s a copywriter, what is copywriting?

In brief, copywriting is a vital skill for creating content that attracts and grips attention, and persuades people to act. This skill is so crucial in the business world that it determines business performance.

If companies like Google, Microsoft rely on copywriters, what about yours?

For your business to sell more in this highly competitive world, you must have copywriting skills.  If you lack them, you must have a copywriter for your marketing team.

By having a copywriter—or the copywriting skill— in your team, you’ll have marketing insights like no other.

When you want to grip people’s attention, you’ll know what words to use. If you’re going to evoke sincerity, you’ll know what to do. If you’re going to motivate the prospect to buy your products immediately, you’ll know the buttons to push. Just by having a copywriter or the copywriting skill, you have the edge over the competition.

I Can Write Content for My Business, Do I Still Need a copywriter?

The answer to this question depends on your copywriting skill. If you write content for your website that gets sales rolling like a waterfall, you don’t need a copywriter.

However, if your copy can’t attract visitors, or persuade them into joining your mailing list, or convince them to do anything, you may need a copywriter.

To crown it all, a copywriter looks at every angle of an idea or sales promotion. He examines the feelings, attitudes, and beliefs of his prospect to find the right words to use in his content.

By doing this, a content created by a copywriter has the edge over others. If it is an ad, it gets a better response than that of a competitor, if it a blog post, it goes viral—and gets lots of backlinks. If newsletter, readers follow its advice religiously.

What a copywriter can do

From the explanation I’ve given on who is a copywriter, and what is copywriting, by now, you understand a copywriter is not an ordinary writer. Whatever he writes is so powerful, that readers can’t dare to follow the action that the copywriter has led them.

What he writes is what shows a copywriter’s power.

He does not have to write thousands of words to persuade a reader. Even a single sentence or a few words are enough to make a prospect excited and ready to take action.

Don’t believe me?

Here are a few headlines ideas that sold millions of dollars:

  • “They Laughed at Me when I Sat at the piano, but When I started to play…

From that headline, don’t you feel the urge to know what happened when he began to play the piano?

  • What never to eat on an Airplane

If you regularly fly, you’ll want to read what not to eat in an airplane. The few words are sufficient even to attract the attention of someone who’d never flown in his or her entire life to read the story

  • Profit with the Insiders Without Breaking a Law

If you are an investor, “Who does not want to access profitable information—they type that insiders have without breaking the law?”

Examples of blog posts written by copywriters:

If you read the headline and the opening paragraph that has been circled, you feel that this writer knows my problem, and you are ushered into the copy. That’s what great copywriters do. They attract attention, grip it then direct it towards a certain action.
Here is another post that is written by a copywriter that is equally good:

List examples of homepages written by copywriters:

AWAI homepage is one of the true reflections of copywriting in action. It clearly expresses the promise the company has for those seeking to profit from writing and having financial independence. Every word and the image is there to serve a purpose—to persuade potential prospects to try out AWAI’s services.

Another homepage—still written by a copywriter is Bob Bly’s homepage. It expresses the feelings, beliefs, and attitudes of the reader and how Bob Bly can help. Check it below!
With all these advantages of having a copywriter, why settle for a writer who does not have copywriting experience? Resolve to change today. And you’ll be attracting more visitors, leads, and customers than you currently do!

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