Coriander yield per acre:

If you decide to grow this amazing yet popular herb expect to harvest…

coriander leaf yields of 2000 kilos per acre, or a Seed yield of 500 kilos per acre!

But coriander yield per acre is only part of the story.


If you are a coriander farmer, the coriander yield you get per acre is of great importance.

Your goal is to harvest sufficient yields to…

  1. Cover your cost of production
  2. Make profit.


This blogpost outlines all the tricks that show you achieve amazing coriander farming profit

“How do you ensure you get the right coriander yields per acre?”

To achieve this objective, you must do the following:

Step 1: Choose the Right Variety For High Coriander Yield Per Acre!

In Kenya, there are 5 coriander varieties available to farmerscool

  1. Coriander Moroccan
  2. Coriander American long
  3. Coriander green aroma
  4. Coriander long standing
  5. Coriander Multicut

Each of these coriander varieties have different characteristics that impact on yield and coriander aroma.

For example:

Coriander Moroccan

Moroccanis a vigorous and fast growing variety.

Its rapid growth rate is an advantage and disadvantage at the same time.

The fast growth also means it bolts fast.

Since this variety bolts sooner, it is best for coriander seed production as opposed to coriander leaves.

Another characteristic of this variety is its shorter stems and leaves.

This is an advantage because its perfect for salads and garnishing.

That’s not all.

Its vigorous and performance is excellent during hot summer, and it can easily be grown all the year.

Coriander American Long

American Long Standing is an all-year variety.

It is a tall standing type plant, with slow bolting. This ability makes it capable of producing great green coriander yields per acre
That’s not all.

Plants grow well in mild and subtropical climates
Leaves and stems have good aroma
It is perfect for salad and garnish

Coriander Green Aroma

Green Aroma is a long standing all-year variety

It is a tall standing type plant, with slow bolting
Plants grow well in mild and subtropical climates

Leaves and stems have good aroma

Good for salad and garnish

Coriander GREEN AROMA is a tall standing late bolting type.

Coriander Long Standing

This variety is a year round variety.

It grows well in a variety of regions around Kenya

It is a late bolting type thus its green coriander yield per acre is very good.

Step 2: Grow The Right Coriander Population Per Acre for High Coriander Yields

A recent study shows that the amount of seed you per acre…

Greatly affects the yield of coriander per acre.

Low seed rate results to low green coriander yield per acre or low coriander seed yield.

A low plant population leads to:

  1. Missed targets regarding yields
  2. Wastage of fertilizer where fertilizer is fed using machinery.
  3. Overgrowth of weeds because you end up putting fertilizer on weeds instead of coriander.

How do you solve the issue of low plant population… so that you can have the desired coriander yield per acre?

  1. When using coriander planters, you have to calibrate them properly so that you use 8-8.5 Kilos of coriander seed per acre.

By doing this you increase your coriander yield per acre automatically.

  1. Ensure that you grow coriander at the right spacing. The best spacing is 25 cm between plants and 75 cm between rows. 25cmX75cm.

Step 3: Timing of Planting is Crucial for High Coriander Yields Per Acre

Do the perfect timing, and you’ll Skyrocket your yields per acre!

The question is how do you do it?

  1. Prepare the land early during the dry season. Do this at least 3 weeks before the commencement of rain.
  2. Plant your coriander one to one and a half week before the commencement of rain.

Step 4: Have an Effective Weed Control Plan

Weeds when left unchecked will significantly reduce your coriander yields per acre.

To ensure this does not happen, use the right pre-emergent and post emergent herbicides.

You can also use Roundup during the early land preparation stage to kill perennial weeds.

Please note that Roundup (Glyphosate) is a non-selective herbicide

Step 5: Conduct a Soil Test to Determine Soil PH and Fertility

Many farmers blindly use fertilizers on their coriander crop.

They do not know whether the fertilizer that they have applied will increase coriander yields per acre or not.


Most of them never test their soils.

Consequently, they are unaware of the nutrient deficiencies or PH of their soil.

This in turn sets them for failure rather than success.

To become successful in coriander farming, ensure that you do soil tests regularly.

Finally, Prepare for Success

Once you’ve put in everything you’ll learnt above, you need to be ready to profit big.

Have a solid postharvest plan so that you don’t lose the coriander yield you’ve struggled to achieve.

Be proactive in your marketing so that you get top profits out of your labor.

That’s it for today!

What are your thoughts on how to increase your coriander yield per acre?

Share them below.


How coriander farming in Kenya makes great profit for farmers

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