Current demand of passion fruit:

Every once in a while, passion fruit farmers are a worried lot.

They wonder if the market still needs their passion fruits.

So real is the worry, because it isn’t easy for them to shift from growing passionfruit to something else without incurring huge losses.

Therefore, if you are a passion fruit farmer and you’ve been worrying lately, about the market of passion fruit, don’t be.

The low demand you’re probably experiencing is just temporary.

There are good times ahead.

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passion fruit being transported to the market

The Market Demand for Kenyan Passion Is Rising in Europe

If you are in the farm produce export market, things are even looking better for you.

I am saying this because…

Moroccan and Dutch specialist wholesalers are receiving the Kenyan passion fruit—very well.

They’ve realized that:

“Kenyan passions are just as sweet in taste as those from South America.”

No wonder there surges in market demand for Kenyan passion from Late August to Early September when the European holiday season comes to an end—that passion exporters can’t meet.

Isn’t that encouraging news?

Why worry about temporary drops in demand when that is part of the production cycle?

Want proof?

Stella Rasmussen, the Managing Director of Stella Rasmussen LTD, confirms the WONDERFUL prospects of the Kenyan passionfruit market.

In an interview on Fresh, she says:

Passion fruit has developed from an absolute marginal phenomenon to a growth area.

We are seeing increasing demand from the most important markets of Kenyan passion fruit (Middle East, the Netherlands and Great Britain.”)

That’s not all.

Sales across all markets for Kenyan passionfruit is rising every year.

Stella Rasmussen

Managing Director,

I am Not a Passion Exporter, What Does the Passion Fruit Market Have for Me?

To be honest, it is very difficult for small farmers to sell any agricultural commodity in Kenya.

First, they often get difficulties in finding buyers who are willing to offer the right price for passion.

Willing buyers often undervalue the farmers produce thus causing hardships to farmers.

Second, they face logistical challenges. Transporting the fruits from the farm to the consumers is almost impossible.

They have to put up with poor roads, high cost of transport, delays, double taxation by the county governments and more.

Nevertheless, there is a way out.

There’s a way in which small passion fruit farmers can profit from passion fruit.

growing passion fruits in kenya

Here’s How:

To beat the low prices, offered in the local market, you need to be creative in your marketing.

Instead of selling to brokers, who offer poor prices, you can sell directly to consumers.


  1. Use social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Pin interest, WhatsApp to reach potential customers.
  2. Strike deals with huge buyers like hotels, schools or hospitals who’d be willing to buy a lot more fruit.
  3. Process the fruit into juice and sell it to potential customers like friends, church members, workmates, neighbors etc.
  4. Transit from selling to the local market, into selling to the export market.
  5. Think, think and be more creative and you’ll find a way out.

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