Easy grow vegetative fertilizer is one of the best fertilizers in Kenya.

When applied to any plant, it enhances the growth of foliage.

This key attribute makes it ideal for use in  

  • Leafy vegetables like Kales, spinach, coriander,
  • Germination of seedlings
  • Buildup of nutrient reserves after the harvest of perennial crops like avocado, mango, apple, custard, pears etc.

Besides using easygrow as a foliar fertilizer, you can also use it in fertigation program where you add 5-10 Kilos/Ha.

Easy grow vegetative fertilizer

Easy Grow Price

Easygrow vegetative fertilizer is a relatively cheap and affordable foliar fertilizer.

For that reason alone, you shouldn’t miss it on your farm input store.

In most Agrovets in Kenya, easygrow fertilizer price will be as follows

  • 120-gram fertilizer KES 200,
  • 250-gram fertilizer KES 280,
  • 500-gram fertilizer KES 460,
  • 1 Kilo fertilizer KES 800
A tractor spraying a easy grow foliar feed

Application of Easy Grow Vegetative fertilizer

To achieve success using this fertilizer, here are the application steps

  1. Put clean water in a 20-liter knapsack sprayer up to the 70% level. (Before you do so ensure your knapsack is clean, free of pesticides, herbicides or any other agro chemicals)
  2. Add the desired quantity of easygrow foliar feed, as per the crop, and the instructions on the fertilizer label.
  3. Stir the mixture until the fertilizer completely dissolves.
  4. Add a suitable agricultural sticker/wetter that will break the surface tension of water and stick the fertilizer mix on plant leaves
  5. Fill the Knapsack tank to the 20-liter mark.
  6. Mix thoroughly to ensure proper mixing of wetter, water, and fertilizer.
  7. Spray the fertilizer on your target plants. Best time to spray is early in the late in the evening when the sun has cooled down or early in the morning when the sun is yet to rise.
  8. Ensure you wear the right protection cloth/equipment to avoid body contact with the fertilizer

Composition of Easy Grow Vegetative Fertilizer, and Easy Grow Nutrients

Easy grow is a compound foliar fertilizer meaning that it has Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium in its formula.

So its formula is NPK 27:10:16.

Besides having those three major elements, it has trace elements like:

  • Sulfur
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Molybdenum
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Boron
  • Plus, some bio-stimulants

This composition makes easygrow fertilizer a fairly balanced fertilizer ideal for use on leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, Amaranth, coriander, and herbs like basil, rosemary, majoran, chives, and mint.

Easy Grow Doses/Application Rates




All Vegetables e.g. Cabbage, Lettuce, tomatoes, French Beans, Peas, Carrots, Cucurbits, Flowers, Field Crops, Potatoes, Cereals(wheat, Barley), tea, etc.

30-40g/20ltr of water

Apply as full cover spray at 1-2 weeks interval until start of flowering

Fruit trees (Citrus, mangoes, etc.) And Coffee

80g/20ltr of water

Apply at 1-2 weeks interval until start of flowering

Soil Drench


Apply into the soil and then leach with irrigation



Use lower rates for seedlings. Increase the rates as the plants mature

Disadvantages of Easygrow Vegetative Fertilizer

The high nitrogen content in Easy grow fertilizer is both an advantage and disadvantage.

When you use easygrow on crops like tomato, capsicum, maize, beans, passion fruits for an extended period of time and consistently, it will enhance the development of leaves as opposed to fruit or grain.

That will be a great disadvantage because we need fruit/grain and not the leaves,

Extended use of high nitrogen fertilizer will make the plants brittle, bushy and prone to foliar diseases like mildews and blights.

Considering the advantages that I’ve mentioned, use easygrow in the early lifecycle stages of tomato, capsicum, maize, beans, passion fruits, then discontinue using it after 2-3 applications.

The key point here is always use fertilizer in moderation, and follow the instructions on the label.

Questions On Easygrow Vegetative Fertilizer

I’ve been getting a number of pressing questions on this vegetative fertilizer.

For example:

Can I use Easygrow For Maize?


You can use Easy grow vegetative fertilizer on maize during the first 5 weeks of growth of maize to hasten its growth.

However, don’t overuse the fertilizer as it enhances vegetative growth as opposed to production of cobs.

Therefore, don’t use it when the maize is over 5 weeks old.  

Can I Use Easygrow on Grass?

Oh yes.

The fertilizer is perfect for use in grass since we interested in having healthy dark green grass, and grass is vegetative in nature.

You can therefore use easy grow fertilizer on lawn grass, and forage grasses like

  • Napier grass,
  • Sudan grass
  • Forage sorghum
  • Boma Rhodes

Can I buy Easy grow on Jumia?

Easygrow fertilizer is available on Jumia for sale.

You can buy the 120-gram pack for KES 200, the 250-gram pack for KES 280, 500-gram pack for KES 460, or the 1 Kilo pack for KES 800.

Click the button below to buy Easygrow vegetative foliar fertilizer on Jumia.

Is Easy Grow an Organic Fertilizer?

Easygrow is not an organic fertilizer, thus cannot be used in organic farming programs.

Easy grow Vegetative Fertilizer Review

This is the most detailed easygrow fertilizer review on the internet.

You can thus rely on it to make decisions on use of the fertilizer.

If you have any questions or comments, please share them below!


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