Sad News For Importers and Exporters in Horticulture Industry as Container Shortage Bites

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenge for the global fruit industry for almost 2 years now.

The global shipping capacity remains the big problem to fruit traders.

These challenges have resulted to several changes and transformations in China’s fruit industry.


Several main fruit wholesale markets in China shared the most recent trends regarding wholesale market’s development.

Current Transformation in the fruit wholesale market.

There are more than a dozen first-grade wholesale markets in China.

However, only a handful can handle the majority of fruit, are conveniently located for distribution purposes, and boast up-to-date facilities.

These fruit wholesale markets include:

  1. Xinfadi Market in Gaopaidian for north China;
  2. Huizhan Market in Shanghai for east China (especially for western products),
  3. Haiguangxing Market in Jiaxing also for east China (but specializing in South-east products),
  4. Jiangnan Market in Guangzhou for south China.

These four markets service three major regions in China.

Several years ago, Beijing began to restrict the companies that did not specifically service the capital region.

More than a thousand companies moved away.

One of these companies was Xinfadi Agricultural Wholesale Market.

This market had a long history in Beijing, but had to move to Gaopaidian in Hebei, roughly 80 kilometres from the capital.

The new market was named ‘Hebei Xinfadi Wholesale Market’.

After several years of development, Gaopaidian Xinfadi Market already replaced Beijing Xinfadi Market as the primary wholesale market for north China.

Manager Ying, a spokesperson for Jiaxing Market, explained that “agricultural wholesale markets face more and more pressure.

However, this does not come from competition between different agricultural wholesale markets.

No, agricultural wholesale markets are competing with different retail channels such as e-commerce platforms and direct purchases from production areas.

Every agricultural wholesale market has its own strengths.