Great Achievement as Westfalia Colombia Becomes the first to export avocados to South Korea

Exporting Avocados to Europe:

The export of Avocados has made many farmers across the world Millionaires.

Such farmers are now living the life of their dreams.

They can afford whatever they want. Travel around the world. Dine in fine resturants and do whatever they wish.

This success has encouraged many more farmers to join this trade.

Unfortunately, the new entrants are facing one BIG challenge:

They do not know where to start.

They have no idea of the do’s and don’ts of the Hass Avocado export market.

Consequently, this lack of Knowledge has made many of them to fail misearably.

Most of these newbie farmers have gotten into huge debt.

Others have lost their farms.

And others are tinkering on bankruptcy.

To help the new avocado exporters, I have compiled a list of online resources that gives tips and strategies of success.

Check them out below!

Keep in Mind These 10 Things if You want to Export Agricultural Commodities To Europe

Every game has its rules.

The same applies to exporting of avocadoes to Europe.

To help you understand the rules applicable to the export of Avocado to Europe, follow the link below. 

The article will equip you with knowledge on:

  1. Common agricultural products sold in Europe
  2. Labelling/Logo requirements
  3. Market demand of the various regions of Europe
  4. Rules and regulations among other issues

To learn more follow this link:

Mexico’s avocado boom benefits rural farmers — but also organized crime

Entering The European Market For Avocados

This resource deals with the following issues:

  1. Requirements your avocado fruit must meet to enter the European market
  2. The channels you can get avocadoes in the EU
  3. The competition you’ll face
  4. and the prices for Avocado in the European market.

Follow this link for more details:

How To Use Your Website To Market Your Produce:

This post outlines how you can use your website as a customer aquisition tool

To learn more about it follow this link:

Get Produce Buyers Through Website The Easy Way

8 Easy Ways To Find Trustworthy Buyers In The European Market

buyers sampling agricultural produce

Various agricultural produce on display

This post explains the Do’s and Don’ts you must follow to get genuine buyers who value your products, happy to work with you and pay you on time.

Check it out for details:

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