strawberry farming is great

Strawberry farming in Kenya–The Easy and profitable way:

If there’s a type of farming that pays VERY well, it is none other than strawberry farming.

It pays better than tomatoes, watermelon, apples, capsicum, maize, passion fruit or cut flowers farming.

1 hectare of strawberry gives 3 times more profit than tomatoes or watermelon.

Farmers who put in the money and effort growing strawberry— never—ever complain.

Their only wish is for the current state of affairs to continue for a long time.

Want prove?

I’ll give you that in a minute.

In this Post, I explain

The yield per acre of Strawberry, so that you can make a decision if it is worth your time and effort

Market Demand of Strawberry,

Growing season of Strawberry so that you know how to time your production,

Extremely good price offered for 1 Kilo of strawberry

What you need to start strawberry farming as soon as tommorow,

And many more.

Is Strawberry farming profitable In Kenya? 

Prospective strawberry farmers ask all the time.

Here’s how I answer them.


Strawberry farming is highly profitable.

Countless research and field experience prove strawberry farming profit outperforms other types of fruit farming.

Here’s how.

First, let consider the yield per acre of strawberry In Kenya.

Though the strawberry yields per acre in Kenya are below global average, there is great potential to improve it.

The yields are low because many farmers are not aware of the practices that can improve strawberry productivity.


  • When other fruits yield between 20-30 tons a hectare, strawberry yields 57 tons a hectare. That is almost twice the yield of the second best yielding fruit!

The other fruit that comes close to such yields is watermelon. The others are far-far away.

Second, “There’s less competition in the strawberry market In Kenya.”

The low competition in the strawberry market is a result of fewer farmers growing it.

When there are few players in the market but a high demand for a product, it’s certain that strawberry growers will make a handsome profit!

Third, it is possible to produce strawberry throughout the year.

  • When farming mango other fruits like apple, production is ONLY possible once or twice a year.
  • However, with strawberry, the production is year round. This means you’ll have a product to sell throughout the year!

Fourth, The farm gate price of 1 Kilo of strawberry.

In many parts of the world, including Kenya,  the price of 1 kilo of strawberry can be as high as $6 or 700 Kenya shillings.

Don’t believe me?

Well, walk into any supermarket and check on the price of strawberry.

I assure you, ” You’ll be utterly suprised by what you see.”

I can go on and on.

Citing MANY more reasons why strawberry farming outperforms other types of fruit farming.

However, let me stop there.

I am sure you’re convinced that strawberry farming can work for you!

You Have All You Need to Succeed in Strawberry Farming

If you have a fertile piece of land, a permanent source of water, and the right farm equipment you are one STEP away to strawberry farming success.

The remaining step is to equip yourself with knowledge on:

  • Whether your area is suitable for strawberry farming.
  • Amount of capital you need to start farming strawberries,
  • Where to find the correct planting material
  • How to control pests and diseases associated to strawberry
  • How to manage costs and other production issues on your farm
  • How and where to market your strawberry

Once you equip yourself with the above knowledge, growing strawberry at a profit will be easy as drinking water.