Florida strawberry Varieties

When it comes to delicious and bountiful strawberries, Florida varieties have rightfully earned their place in the hearts of growers and consumers alike.

These exceptional varieties offer…

  • A wide range of flavors,
  • Sizes,
  • And textures,
  • Making them a top choice for strawberry enthusiasts.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the enchanting world of Florida strawberry varieties, highlighting their unique qualities and why they should be a must-grow for any strawberry enthusiast or commercial farmer.

Sweet Charlie

Sweet Charlie, a beloved Florida strawberry variety, captivates with its luscious sweetness and juicy texture.

These berries are renowned for their exceptional flavor, making them a favorite for fresh consumption, desserts, and jams.

With its early ripening and high yields, Sweet Charlie presents an excellent choice for growers seeking an early start to their strawberry season.


Festival strawberry Variety embody the essence of Florida’s sun-kissed sweetness.

These vibrant, medium-sized berries boast a delightful balance of sweetness and acidity, delivering an explosion of flavors with every bite.

Festival strawberries are known for their firm texture, making them a popular choice for shipping and storage.

Whether you enjoy them fresh or utilize them in various culinary creations, Festival strawberries are sure to leave you craving for more.

Florida Pearl Strawberry Variety

The Florida Pearl strawberry variety is a gem among strawberries, known for its outstanding characteristics and delectable taste.

Developed by the University of Florida, this white strawberry variety offers a delightful combination of sweetness and juiciness that is hard to resist.

One of the standout features of the Florida Pearl is its impressive yield. It produces an abundance of plump, medium-sized berries that are uniform in shape and color.

Whether enjoyed fresh, incorporated into desserts, or transformed into flavorful preserves, the Florida Pearl strawberry is sure to please the taste buds.

This variety also boasts excellent disease resistance, making it a reliable choice for growers.

Its robust plants are able to withstand various common strawberry ailments, ensuring a healthy and productive crop.

Furthermore, the Florida Pearl strawberry is known for its extended shelf life, allowing for longer storage and transportation without compromising quality.

Its vibrant red hue and attractive appearance make it an appealing option for both consumers and retailers.

With its exceptional flavor, high yield, disease resistance, and extended shelf life, the Florida Pearl strawberry variety shines as a top choice for strawberry enthusiasts and growers alike.

Key Attributes of variety

      • Non-GMO
      • Early, short-day variety
      • White color inside and outside
      • Excellent fruit quality
      • Medium, conical fruit
      • High yielding
      • Compact plant
      • Very resistant to most diseases & pests


The University of Florida strawberry variety development program  introduced the Florida Fortuna (FL 01 116), a remarkable short-day strawberry cultivar.

This variety was carefully selected for its early ripening, exceptional fruit quality, and high productivity, making it a perfect fit for valuable fresh markets and winter production regions.

The Fortuna™ brand, also known as the Florida Fortuna (FL 01 116) strawberry variety, impresses with its ability to yield a significant proportion of large, visually appealing fruits that maintain a uniform shape, especially during the early stages of the season.

As the production cycle progresses, it consistently retains its size and shape, ensuring a satisfying harvest.

With an open plant architecture, Fortuna™ provides an ideal setup for fruit-bearing. Its long pedicels not only aid in pollination but also make fruit harvesting a breeze.

When it comes to appearance, the fruit of the Florida Fortuna strawberry variety showcases a glossy, bright red color, with its seeds slightly sunken beneath the surface.

This delightful visual is matched by its exceptional taste. Additionally, the fruit exhibits excellent shipping qualities, allowing it to maintain its appeal during transportation.

For many years, the Fortuna™ strawberry brand has reigned supreme in the Spanish strawberry industry, commanding a significant portion of the acreage, at times exceeding 50% of the total cultivation.

Its popularity and success speak volumes about its exceptional attributes.


Radiance strawberries shine with their brilliant red color and exceptional taste.

These large, juicy berries are the epitome of indulgence.

With their superb sweetness and juicy flesh, Radiance strawberries are perfect for creating mouthwatering desserts, garnishing salads, or simply savoring them on their own.

The intense flavor profile of Radiance strawberries makes them a hit among consumers and a profitable choice for commercial farmers.


Camarosa strawberries are a classic Florida variety known for their versatility and consistent performance.

These large, conically shaped berries offer a balanced flavor profile with hints of tartness and sweetness.

Camarosa strawberries are highly adaptable, making them suitable for both fresh consumption and processing.

With their excellent yields and extended harvest window, Camarosa strawberries provide a reliable choice for growers looking for a consistent and profitable strawberry variety.

Sweet Sensation

Dr. Vance Whitaker from the University of Florida (UF) carefully chose the FL 09 127, a short-day strawberry cultivar, specifically for the winter plasticulture growing system in Central Florida.

This particular variety, when planted in early October, thrives and produces a sturdy and compact plant with upright growth, adorned with long fruit pedicels.

You can find the FL 09 127 strawberry variety in the USA under the Sweet Sensation™ Brand.

For growers who opt to plant as early as the end of September, the Sweet Sensation™ brand FL 09 127 strawberry variety rewards them with abundant yields of top-notch fruit throughout the season.

Depending on the temperature, about 60 days after planting, growers can harvest their first fruits.

The fruits themselves have a conical to broad-conical shape, maintaining uniformity, and are conveniently positioned on the bed for easy picking. Even when exposed to hot weather, early established plantings do not yield overly elongated fruit, as observed by the growers.

The Fruit Sensation™ strawberry brand is distinguished by its remarkable flavor and enticing aromatics, along with its high BRIX levels.

Throughout the season, the fruit size remains consistently large.

The berries gradually attain a medium to bright red color on the outside. Even with hot weather or post-harvest cooling, the FL 09 127 strawberry variety does not become overly dark as the season progresses.

The fruit’s firmness ensures a long-lasting shelf life.

When it comes to nursery and field production, the Sweet Sensation™ brand FL 09 127 variety performs exceptionally well.

It produces plants with a large crown size and its runners thrive in the nursery field. Compared to the Florida Fortuna strawberry variety, the robust and upright foliage of FL 09 127 is less prone to breakage.

If you’re considering cultivating the FL 09 127 variety, note that it demonstrates excellent heat tolerance.

It thrives best in open fields rather than under tunnels. The fruit gradually develops its external color, so growers should adjust their picking schedules accordingly to allow for optimum color development.

In terms of disease resistance, the FL 09 127 strawberry variety displays moderate resistance to Anthracnose and Macrophomina crown and root rot.

However, it is susceptible to Phytopthora.
Thankfully, it has proven highly tolerant to Anthracnose fruit rot, although growers should take preventative measures to combat Botritis and Powdery mildew infections.

It’s essential for growers to be prepared to manage the unique pest environment that comes with open field production.

Advantages of Growing Florida Strawberry Varieties

1. Flavorful Delight

Florida strawberry varieties are celebrated for their exceptional taste. Whether you prefer a burst of sweetness or a perfect blend of flavors, these varieties offer an array of delicious options to satisfy your palate.

2. Versatility in Culinary Creations

From fresh snacking to pies, jams, and smoothies, Florida strawberry varieties provide endless possibilities for culinary creations.

Their exceptional flavor and texture make them a versatile ingredient in a wide range of dishes.

3. Reliable Yields

Florida strawberry varieties are bred to perform well in various growing conditions.

With proper care and cultivation, these varieties offer reliable yields, ensuring a plentiful harvest for commercial farmers and strawberry enthusiasts.

4. Adaptability

Florida strawberry varieties are adaptable to different climates and growing regions.

Whether you’re a hobbyist gardener or a commercial farmer, these varieties can thrive in diverse environments, allowing more growers to experience their flavorful rewards.


Florida strawberry varieties enchant with their delectable flavors, enticing aromas, and abundant harvests.

From the sweetness of Sweet Charlie to the vibrant appeal of Radiance, each variety brings its unique qualities to the table.

Whether you’re a strawberry enthusiast or a commercial farmer, exploring and growing these remarkable Florida varieties promises a delightful journey filled with delicious rewards.

So, embrace the charm of Florida strawberry varieties and let their succulent fruits bring joy and sweetness to your home or market!


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