Free coriander PDF growing guide in Kenya:

Are you thinking about growing coriander/ dhania in Kenya and you do not know where to start?

If that describes you, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you will download a…

coriander production in Kenya PDF

Free Coriander PDF Shows You How to Grow Coriander in one Month or Less Even if You’ve Never Done It Before.

So what exactly is contained in this free coriander PDF you may ask?

In the free Coriander PDF you will learn how to

  1. How to find the market for your coriander so that when you harvest you are guaranteed of finding coriander buyers
  2. Creative ways to prepare your land so that it stays fertile throughout the season so that it gives tons and tons of coriander
  3. How to prepare a budget for coriander farming
  4. Common pests and diseases that affect coriander and how to destroy them… so that you always get handsome profits
  5. Ways to keep farm records so that you are able to tell whether you are making profit.
  6. Success stories of people you are making it big in coriander farming.
  7. The yield of coriander per acre and how to boost it for more profit
  8. When and how to harvest coriander so that you can maximize your profit.
  9. The right type of coriander seed to grow that has a high germination percent… thus gives more yields and profit.
  10. Where to do a soil test so that you are 100% sure it is right for coriander farming…before you invest any money in it.
  11. The right environment for growing coriander—so that you get the best results always.

You will learn this and much more once you download this Free PDF coriander Guide.

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