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Apple Pruning Basics: How To Prune Apple Trees for Profit

Pruning apple trees is an important part of maintaining a healthy and productive tree.

It involves carefully removing certain branches and stems to encourage growth and improve the overall shape and structure of the tree.

In this blog post, we will explore the various techniques and considerations for pruning apple trees, including the best time to prune, the tools you will need, and how to properly care for your tree after pruning.

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Apple Rootstock Selection 101: How to Choose the Best

Selecting the right rootstock for grafting apple trees is crucial for the success and productivity of your orchard. Rootstocks play a major role in determining the size, shape, and overall health of your trees. When choosing a rootstock, it’s important to consider the climate and soil conditions of your orchard, the size and shape of the tree you want to grow, and the scion variety you’ll be grafting. Other factors to consider include disease resistance, cold hardiness, root system, and vigor. Proper rootstock selection can help ensure the health and productivity of your apple trees for years to come.
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