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Mango Seedlings for Sale in Kenya: Call 0715609418

Mango seedlings are available for sale in Kenya, promising fruit for generations and huge returns due to high demand. Seedlings cost KES 200 each, with various delivery methods like courier or bus services at additional costs. Ideal growing areas include Muranga and Thika, with the first fruits expected in 2-2.5 years. Buyers are encouraged to seize this profitable opportunity and secure their financial future with mango farming.

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Powdery Mildew in Mango: How To Fight It Like a Pro

Mango powdery mildew, a disease caused by fungus Oidium mangiferae, threatens mango production especially during the flowering stage, leading to significant fruit loss. The article highlights Sulguard, a liquid sulfur fungicide effective against this disease. Farmers can mix and spray it on their trees to prevent the disease, with advantages such as affordability, safety for organic use, and no fungal resistance. It also improves fruit production, making the investment cost-effective.

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Flowering Mango Trees: How To Induce Early Flowering In Mango

During the mango harvest season, many mango farmers are a sad lot. Instead of celebrating the bumper they lament. Why? Their harvest has coincided with every other farmer harvest in the market, therefore, there is a mango glut in the market. The good news is you can minimize this risk by changing the flowering of your mango trees so that your harvest hits the market before everyone else’s harvest.

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