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You can Have a Thriving Papaya Farm in 1 year or less...

even if You've never grown pawpaw before.

All you need is to begin with the right papaya varieties. 

 Browse our SELECTION of the top papaya varieties by clicking the links below for more details.

  1. Calina Papaya Variety: From Ksh 1,370-4,340.
  2. Papaya Enox F1 Seed:
  3. Papaya Hawaiian Seed From Ksh 1,900-3,800: 
  4. Red Swit Papaya Seed Ksh 1,000: 
  5. Vega F1 papaya Seed: Ksh 1,000. 
  6. Papaya Hybrid Sharp Seed: 

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Once you are done with that, read through our free content on..

Tips and strategies for getting high yields and profits!

Papaya Hawaiian Variety: Your Path to an Amazing Papaya Farm

Unlock the potential of Papaya Hawaiian! With robust disease resistance, bountiful yields, and low costs, it’s the ultimate choice for aspiring papaya farmers. Explore its global market demand, export potential, and delightful flavor – a winning recipe for agricultural success. Don’t miss the chance to turn your papaya farming dreams into a reality with this remarkable variety.

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How Profitable Is Papaya Farming in Kenya? Here’s The Answer

Papaya farming in Kenya is a promising venture, with optimal plant spacing crucial for high yields. Initial costs encompass seedlings, land preparation, fertilizers, and irrigation. Maintenance requires ongoing expenses for labor, pest control, and fertilization. Each ripe papaya fruit fetches roughly Ksh 30 to Ksh 50 at the farm gate, but prices can vary by region and season. Market demand is steadily growing due to health awareness and export opportunities. Effective pest control is vital to safeguard yields and profitability, making integrated pest management and organic methods essential for success.

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Global Market of Papaya 2022: The Good and Ugly

If you are in the business of growing and export of papaya, the market trends of papaya are of great interest to you.
You’d want to know of the latest developments in the industry and how they impact your business.
If that describes you—then you are at the right place.
In this short post we will examine:
1. The market prices of papaya in the various export markets of Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and South Africa,
2. What is affecting the current prices,
3. And the actions various players are taking so as to benefit from the current papaya market dynamics.
Continue reading:

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Papaya Varieties in Kenya: The Best For Your Farm

Thinking of growing pawpaw in Kenya?
If that describes you, then you come to the right blogpost.
Here, I will explain in details the:
The papaya varieties in Kenya,
Their growth characteristics,
and whether they are suitable for your farm
Last but not least where to get the right papaya seed/ seedlings for your farm.
So Which are these papaya varieties?
you may ask.
They include:
Vega F1
Red royale F1
Knowing the varieties in Kenya is just one part of the story.
Continue reading so that you know the unique features of each and why it could be suitable for you.

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