As the harvest season approaches, the most urgent concern for every large-scale grower is to get international buyers for his produce.

The grower can address this worry by having ONE plan.

This strategy is none other than, “Marketing the produce in advance to potential buyers.”

Just imagine this:

You work hard in the growing season. You apply fertilizer to your crops. You weed the plants. You spray them. You prune them. You spend much money paying for expensive labor, and you do ALL that relates to growing a crop.

After a long and tiresome wait, finally, the crop is ready.

It is looking good.

From the look of things, you expect nothing than a bumper harvest.  However, you have one unfortunate problem. You don’t have enough buyers for it. Ooh, what a tragic disappointment that would be. Ooh, what a loss!

Without enough purchase orders flowing into your horticulture business, all the hard work, the sweat that flowed as your prepared the crop, and the money you invested into growing the crop are at risk.

So, How Can you Market your Produce in Advance?

What can you do… so that you can sell your crop cheaply and effectively? What steps do you take to ensure your pack-house staff is busy working to fulfill orders?

To ensure buying orders keep thundering in like a waterfall on a rainy day, “Market the crop to potential buyers in advance through your website.”

A website happens to be a very excellent way to advance marketing. Thousands of horticulture businesses have found success by marketing their products on a website. All they did was to make it buyer friendly.

If you publish the right content—about your product on the website… if you make the content persuasive… if you optimize the site… if the website content wins a customer’s trust… if the copy can motivate customers, then your website will bring hundreds of high-value customers to your business.

Through it, local and international buyers looking for growers can easily find you.

They can place inquiries even if you’ve already closed your business, or it’s during the weekend. Through the website, buyers can submit buying orders in advance—saving you countless hours of cold calling, and knocking on doors seeking for clients.

Based on the orders and inquiries received through your website, you can predict the level of volumes you need to satisfy demand, develop an expansion strategy, and determine the capital you need to meet market demand.

Of course, there are other methods of marketing your fresh produce. For example, you can contact potential buyers directly, you can advertise on TV and newspapers, meet buyers in horticultural shows, etc.

However, the cheapest, efficient, and stress-free way of getting both local and international buyers is through a website.

If you’ve not been getting buyers, or advance orders through your website, I can help.

I specialize in helping businesses, in the horticulture industry, better communicate to potential customers. Through various persuasive writing and SEO, I will make your website and other online marketing channels so attractive, that buyers will be ready and willing to order your products.

My name is Haron Mogeni Omweri, a copywriter—and a horticulturist by profession. For over 10 years I have been growing different crops and marketing them. Right now I focus on helping people in my industry become better at attracting buyers through their websites and other online channels.

I work with growers from all over the world remotely. Through the power of the internet, I communicate with potential customers, negotiate with them about a website project and its terms, work on it, then deliver it.

You and I can be a good fit, and I assure you that you’ll get the very best service from me.

One more thing.

Remember, a successful season is not determined a bumper harvest. Instead, it is determined by your ability to sell the harvest at a profit. A good website, social media page can give you an edge when it comes to selling your product.

If you’d like to attract more horticulture customers through your website, just contact me with the words, “I need more customers, in the subject line and I will send you a comprehensive list of services I offer, and a proposal of how I will do that job.”

PS: Once we improve your website, I am sure you won’t mind working overtime, as you seek to fulfill your orders.