Global Banana Market Overview 2021

Despite plentiful production, fans of bananas around the world may soon see an increase in prices, as the price of the popular fruit is affected by the increase in the cost of raw materials across the globe.

Overall, however, the outlook for bananas is good.

The fruit remains the most popular item of its kind in Italy, and Australia reaches its second highest level of production ever.

Cold weather in South Africa has, however, caused a decline in production this year. and the TR4 strain of the Panama disease continues continues to threaten the future of bananas.

The Netherlands: Stable banana market, but concerns about raw material shortage towards next year.

The banana market in the Netherlands is currently developing steadily.

According to an insider from the banana industry, there is not much out of the ordinary going on.

“The supply is at a normal level. Prices are very stable on the free market.

However, everyone is currently busy drawing up the balance for next year.

Many raw materials are in limited supply, such as energy, gas, transport and pallets, and the entire fresh produce industry, including bananas, will feel the consequences of this.

Therefore, for next year I foresee a rise in banana prices.”

Germany: Quiet summer with a slight plus A company from Northern Germany offers conventionally grown bananas from South America.

According to the trader the summer 2021 was quite quiet with regards to the interest in bananas, but compared to last year, the prices have risen slightly.

They will start with the season at the end of October/beginning of November 2021 and end around February/March 2022.

Their produce comes mainly from Colombia, although some bananas are also sourced from Ecuador.

He considers the Colombian bananas to be among the best. Due to the increased […]