Greenhouse tools For Maintenance:

Did you know a greenhouse gives 2 ½ times MORE profit than an open farm?

With a greenhouse you can control the plant growing environment with accurate precision?

One square meter of greenhouse tomato up to 40 kilos in a harvest season?

This and more…

Is what makes me fall in love with greenhouse production.

I bet, you’ll fall in love with greenhouse production too!

To make your work easier, here below are some of greenhouse maintenance tools that will:

  • Help you save money,
  • Increase your efficiency tenfold,
  • Skyrocket your profit.

Check them out!  

Must Have Greenhouse Tools For Maintenance


Fly traps

Fly trap

With this tool you’ll be able to EASILY identify pests before they reach levels that will cause serious damage to your crop


Wheelbarrow greenhouse tools for maintenance

This handy tool will allow you transport harvest and other heavy objects fast without straining your back.

Thus saving you time and effort

Knapsack Sprayers

knapsack sprayer price list
Battery powered Knapsack Sprayers

Apply foliar feeds, fungicides, and pesticides in minutes and at a consistent flow rate using a battery powered Knapsack sprayer


Secateurs for pruning tomatoes and for greenhouse for maintenance

Want to prune your greenhouse plants? This tool is designed to cut through plant stems and parts of various hardness with easy. From the woody stems, leaves, or fleshy stems…

With this amazing tool, your daily maintenance chores will be done in minutes!

PH Meter

Soil PH Meter

The PH of your media (Soil, Vermiculite, Coco peat is critical for proper plant growth) for it determines the productivity of your greenhouse.

With this important tool, you can always monitor PH in seconds, then take necessary action to maintain it at appropriate levels.

Insect nets

Insect net 2

This tool helps you prevent the entry of noxious pests when you open the greenhouse during hot weather. With it you’ll spend less time and money spraying pests and diseases.


Mister for Greenhouse tools for Maintenance

With this amazing tool, you’ll maintain high humidity in your seedling propagation greenhouse unit. With it you’ll have a high graft union success rate than the average, thus make more money in the process!


Are an absolute necessity in greenhouse farming. With them you’ll be able to accurately control your irrigation water needs.

You can also easy feed your plants through fertigation!

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