Grow this profitable crop:

About 1 ½ years ago, I received an urgent WhatsApp message.

It was a message from a gentleman from South Africa.

The message read:

Horticulture copywriter

Hi Haron.

Recently, I visited your website page titled “Crop selection: How to choose the right crop for your farm.”

Your content man, blew me away. And I can’t say how much it has been of help.

For that reason, I thought to reach out to you.

In three days, I am having an interview with a rich farm owner.

He wants me to put his 350-acre farm to use.

I don’t feel confident enough to pull this off, though I have a university degree in agronomy.

If impress the rich farm owner, and I get the job, I won’t know where start.

Please help.


Jason (second name redacted for security reasons)

This is the dilemma many people who own farms around the world face.

They find themselves in a dark vacuum. They do not know which crop to grow for consistent reliable profit.

When they grow maize, the rains fail.

When they grow beans the following season, hailstones decimate the beans.

Nothing seems to work.

To them, farming has been a series of failure after failure.

Since this problem is widespread, and it could be affecting you, I decided to create a free report to help anyone in this situation.

It gives details about one crop that will give consistent returns even without expending much money time and effort.

And for a limited time, this report is free.

To Your Farming Success,

Haron Mogeni.

a farmer growing avocado in Nyeri County displays her produce

The crop I’ve been talking about is Hass avocado.

I know it may seem like an any Other Ordinary Crop.

But it is not.

It is so unbelievably unique.

Farmers who’ve discovered the uniqueness of Avocado are dancing all the way to the bank.

Their only regret is not knowing about Hass avocado soon enough.

Now that I have revealed the crop, you could be having thoughts of dismissing anything to do with it.

For your financial safety, I urge you not to do so.


  • I will give you top secret details how this plant is magical.
  • How it makes money.
  • Plus, what you can do to get into the money train.

Continue reading and…

You’ll be glad to read this blogpost.

In it I reveal the secrets of growing avocado that nobody will ever tell you.

Why Grow avocado?

Before I give you details about Hass avocado,

I want to share with you some highly classified information—and please don’t share it with anyone else.

I “stole it” from a WhatsApp group I belong

The rate at which rich folks are planting avocadoes is not a joke. In the lake Naivasha (north lake region) there is a plan to do 2,000 acres by one farm that wants to expand.

And they are doing so expeditiously

Menengai family are also doing a similar acreage in massai land for export and oil.

Delmonte are uprooting pineapples for avocados.

A classmate of mine who works there tells me, “The main talk at Delmonte is avocados.  Bigger and bigger acreage.”

In Kitale, the large maize farmers are also initiating avos. In Meru and Nyeri highlands tea bushes are being uprooted to give way for the avocado orchards…

Surely…There’s something these guys know that we don’t”

Kenya Avocado Export to Malaysia

That said:

  • Did you know that Kakuzi is the largest producer of Hass Avocado in Kenya?
  • and they’ve earned over 10 billion shillings in the last decade growing Avocado?
  • That they buy avocado from farmers for as much as 30 shillings per piece?
  • That avocado is the biggest revenue earner for the company?

“Why does all this have to do with me?” You may ask.

I say everything.

The next photo shows the current prices of Avocado in Europe.

1 avocado goes for 2.4 Swiss Francs…

At the exchange rate of KES 122.45, 1 avocado sells for KES 293.88 in Europe!

Avocado tree price

How to Earn KES 400,000+ From Growing Avocado in the Next 3 Years

If you’ve read the previous chapter, you’ve seen…

Kakuzi and other companies are unable to satisfy the worldwide demand for avocado.

What they produce is a drop in the ocean compared to the demand.

That’s where you come in.

You can take advantage of this crazy demand.

Kakuzi and other Avocado exporting companies are looking for you.

They are crisscrossing the whole country searching for farmers who are ready to grow Hass avocado.

Will you consider doing it? or will you let a clear opportunity as this go unexploited?

For instance, in November, I received a call from a County Commissioner. (County Name withheld for privacy reasons)

A client I had worked for, gave him my number.

So he decided to give me a call and the following is our conversation.

Hi. am I speaking to Haron?

“Yes.” I answered.

Well, I am the County commissioner of XXXX.

A colleague of mine from XXXX gave me your number.

He referred you to me because you deal in Hass Avocado.

And you can’t imagine how happy I am to talk to you.

Well, I needed some help.

I am searching for farmers who can supply me with a 40-foot container full of Hass avocado.

Could you be able to do it?

Here’s what I said to him.

“Thank you very much sir for calling me.

According to my experience and general observations, Hass avocados are currently out of season.

However, there are few farmers who could be having some off-season fruits.

Give me one hour.

I contact the farmers in my network, and I will get back to you.”

“That’s Ok with me.” He answered.

“I’ll be waiting for your call.” He concluded our conversation.

Mexico’s avocado boom benefits rural farmers — but also organized crime

Not to miss this business opportunity.

I went through my phonebook.

Quickly, I scrolled through my calling list.

In about 3 minutes, I had identified about 20 Prospective Hass avocado farmers.

Then I started calling them, one by one.

Unfortunately, none of them had Hass avocado that was ready for harvest.

“The earliest I could get the Avocado was late Jan of 2022 to early Feb.” One farmer said.

I then called the county commissioner and told him he will not get any avocado.

“Why is the long story?” You may ask.

I wanted to do was to “Show you the opportunity present in Hass avocado farming.”

Buyers are searching for this fruit like crazy.

Why wait long before you decide to grow avocado?

Take advantage of the insane demand of avocado.

A 3 year old Hass Avocado plant

5 Reasons You Should Grow Hass Avocado as Soon as Tomorrow

Reason #1:                                                  

  • One avocado tree is capable of giving 19,000 Kenya Shillings.

That amount is far more than what my village mates in Kisii get after growing Eucalyptus trees for 10 years.

Sounds unbelievable.

However, figures don’t lie.

Let us do some math.

Imagine that you’ve taken action.

You have grown an acre containing 150 Hass Avocado trees.

5 years later, the trees are mature enough to give 3,000 fruits per season.

If we multiply by two seasons, that’s 6,000 fruits.

Let us imagine we sell each fruit at a throwaway price of 4 shillings.

That’s 24,000 shillings per tree.

Now let us multiply 150 X24,000.

That’s Kenya shillings 3,600,000/ per year.

Now do you see how easy it is to get money out of avocado?

The money you’ll get is more than what some “Senior Government Employees” earn as salary in a whole year.

Avocado can make you richer than even your boss…

Think about it.

Hass Avocado seedlings being Loaded into vehicle of a customer

Reason #2:

Just plow your land. Plant the avocado the seedlings. Maintain and protect them for ONLY 1 year.

After that, they need VERY little care.

During the first year of planting you’ll:

  • Weed only once or twice then you forget about them.
  • Require little or no fertilizer, manure
  • They need little or pesticides, fungicides or any expensive inputs

You can go about working on other things that give you more or leisure.

For example:

You can…

  • Tend to your cattle.
  • Operate a shop.
  • Go trading in the market,
  • Go for a trip.
  • Visit your grandma and do many things…

… all without worrying about the avocado plants.

That’s unlike crops like tomato, watermelon, or onion that require constant care like a toddler learning to crawl.

Don’t you think that is an easy worthwhile investment?

New focus for region’s oldest avocado orchard

Reason #3

  • From the same piece of land, you’ll get two times profit.

“How?” You may ask.

All you need to do is, “inter-crop Hass avocado with other crops.”

For example, within the rows you can grow beans. Green grams. Aubergines. Coriander, Parsley, Rosemary, Amaranth, and many other crops that tolerate partial shade.

Reason #4

  • This tree will feed you for a lifetime! Your children’s grandchildren will harvest fruits for many years.

This means that once the Hass Avocado trees are grown and in production, you’ll Never-ever be broke!

In fact, you’ll be earning more income by doing less work!

Reason # 5

  • Unlike fruit trees like mango, Papaya, guava, jackfruit that ripen while still attached on the tree, avocado does not.

For this reason, if by any chance you realize there’s no market (something which is very-very rare) you can let them stay on the trees for a few more weeks.

This will give you time for prices to improve.

This is the single most important reason that makes avocado an ideal crop for remote farms.

Anyone Can Start a Profitable Avocado Farm Even If He or She Doesn’t Have Sufficient Capital

I know you’ve heard of this old saying.

“A journey of 1,000 Kilometers starts with 1 step.”

This statement is very true regardless of the means of transport you use.

You’ll have to do the very first step out of your home to start the journey.

And that is what SMART FARMERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY are doing.

They are starting this journey with the little resources they have.

Some are starting with 10 seedlings, others 30, others 1,000.

The most important part is to start.  

Join these farmers today.

Growing Avocado is The Alternative New Way for Saving for Retirement


It will allow you to retire rich.

Even if you’ve already retired, the few years of your remaining life, you’ll get regular income like the rising sun.

If you are saying, “I am young, I don’t need avocado trees right now.”

Just imagine this.

Your child passes the national exams.

He or she gets a straight admission to Alliance or any top high school, or an admission to University.

Won’t it be relaxing to know you have a source of funds—that is more reliable than company insurance?

I am sure you’ll want that peace of mind.

All you need to do to get this goal is to grow avocado seedlings today.

And growing Hass avocado is not difficult.

Just contact Haron on 0739719879 via WhatsApp of call and I’ll give you more details!

Do you have any questions on grow this profitable crop without thinking twice?

Share them below.