Are you interested in growing agapanthus for export?

If that describes you, then i highly recommend that you follow the link above this page for details.

The link will take you to an amazing post by Business daily africa.

The post is about the success story of Peter Gachanga who grows agapanthus for export on 24 acres of land.

In the story, you will learn the following key details about agapanthus:

  • When agapanthus starts bearing flowers,
  • How long it takes before you begin harvesting,
  • The peak demand seasons for European Export markets,
  • Type of fertilizer to use on agapanthus and the number of applications per year,
  • Why portionioning your farm is important when growing agapanthus for export,
  • How to harvest agapanthus and the right tools to use,
  • How to grade agapanthus and much more!

This resource is a real treasure–check it out, and you’ll get valuable insight you’ll never find anywhere else!