Growing avocado in Nyeri cool:

If you come from Nyeri I have wonderful news for you.

You can earn KES 250,000+ per year from growing Hass Avocado in your farm:

  • Without being there all the time,
  • By working less than 5 times a year,
  • Without struggling at all,
  • And even if you don’t like farming!

In fact, if you take this seriously, you can earn up to 2,850,000/= per year by growing Hass avocado.

Imagine what the extra KES 250,000+ will do to you and your family.

You can use the money to travel to Mombasa for Christmas. Pay for school fees. Buy a motorbike. Pay dowry…

Simply said, what you can do with this money is endless.

Here’s the most interesting part…

You can earn more than KES 250,000 if you go in a big way.

Sounds too good to be true?

No its not.

It is very-very possible to achieve this dream.

And I am writing this to show you how to go about it.


Continue reading.

But first…there’s a little disclaimer.

This is not a get rich scheme.

It requires a little work and patience (2 years) to be precise.

Once the 2 years is over, it will pay you for the rest of your life.

Mexico Avocado Growth shows real promise

Growing Hass Avocado is The Opportunity of a Lifetime

As we speak…

Farmers all over Nyeri county, are working like bees.

They are busy plowing their land, growing Hass avocado seedlings, transplanting, irrigating their land etc.

All this mad rush is to take advantage of the huge profit by growing Avocado in Nyeri.

Some farmers are busy uprooting the Previously High Valued Coffee… to grow Avocado.

Others are busy pruning their avocado fruit as they get ready for the new season…

While others are stocking Hass avocado seedlings to sell. 

“What is driving all this avocado growing craze?”

You may ask.

a farmer growing avocado in Nyeri County displays her produce

Nyeri Farmers Have Discovered that Hass Avocado is the Crop to Grow.

And without wasting time, they’ve decided to grow it.

The farmers did not arrive at that decision by hearing rumors.

They sat down.


And had serious consultations with Hass avocado stakeholders.

After all that brainstorming, they arrived at these 4 discoveries…


  • You can earn Kenya Shillings 19,000 from one avocado tree.

Just imagine the pay you’ll get from an acre of 150 trees.

That’s Kenya shillings 2,850,000/= or $ 28,500 per year.

You’ll agree with me that is an amazing return.

It is more than what some “Senior Government Employees” earn in a whole year as salary.

Oh my…

What farming can beat this?


  • It’s VERY EASY to grow Avocado in Nyeri

Just plow your land. Plant the avocado the seedlings. Maintain and protect them for ONLY 1 year.

After that, they need VERY little care.


  • Weed only once then you forget about it.
  • Require little or no manure
  • Don’t need any pesticides, fungicide or any expensive inputs

You can go about other things.

You can tend to your cattle. Go for a trip. Visit your grandma and do many things…

… all without worrying about the avocado plants.

That’s unlike crops like tomato,

, or onion that require constant care like a toddler learning to crawl.


  • From the same piece of land, you’ll get two times profit.

“How?” You may ask.

All you need to do is, “inter-crop Hass avocado with other crops.”

For example, within the rows you can grow beans. Green grams. Tomatillo. Amaranth, and many other crops that tolerate partial shade.


  • This tree will feed you for a lifetime! Your children’s grandchildren will harvest fruits for many years.

This means that once the trees are grown and in production, you’ll Never-ever be broke.

In fact, you’ll be earning more income by doing less work!

“This is what drives Nyeri County farmers to plant Hass Avocado in droves.”

By refusing to participate in this venture, you’ll be refusing a sweet meal that you’ve been served.

Think about it.

Here’s What other Nyeri Residents Are Saying

Let’s meet Mr. Wahome Kuria.

Before I knew about Hass avocado, I struggled with farming.

The coffee cooperatives never paid me on time. I got poor harvests from maize.

When I tried to grow plums, apples and pears, I failed miserably.

Let me be honest with you.

I almost gave up farming to become a bodaboda driver.

But when I tried Hass avocado farming… I started seeing harvesting money.

“From the time I made the shift, I have seen great growth in avocado farming.”

Avocado Prices have improved tremendously.

As we speak, each avocado fruit sells 19 shillings.

Let me explain to you what that means…

“From one Hass avocado tree that has about 1000 fruits, I earn KES. 19,000/=”

The profit is so good that…

“I will never grow any other tree crop other than Hass Avocado.”

Farmers admiring Hass avocado trees in Tirimba's farm in Itumbe-Kisii County

Growing grafted Hass Avocado Trees is the Ticket to a good Life.

“I encourage ALL Nyeri county Residents to grow Hass Avocado.”

Mr. Kuria says.

I’m giving this recommendation with a clean heart.


I want you to benefit because the market is too big—yet the farmers are few.

Can you imagine, “when there’s peak demand, we can’t meet it?”

The fruits literary “fly off the trees” and buyers are left searching for more.

Why wait.

Join us today by buying Hass avocado seedlings, then planting them in your farm.

Don’t let your farm lie idle yet there is a way you can make it generate thousands for you.

From the way the trends are moving, Hass avocado is going to be the hottest commodity in the world.

Take advantage of this opportunity today.

Buy your Hass Avocado seedlings today, and you’ll be happy you did it.

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