Avocado growing has taken Nyeri by storm.

Farmers all over the county, are working like bees…

With the SOLE purpose of doubling the Avocado acreage of their farms.

Some of them are busy uprooting coffee… to grow Avocado.

Others are busy pruning their avocado fruit as they get ready for the new season…

While others are stocking Hass avocado seedlings to sell.

“What is driving all this avocado growing craze?”

You may ask.

The farmers have found that Hass avocado is the crop to grow.

And without wasting time, they’ve decided to grow it.

The farmers made this decision out of fact and profit.

They’ve found out…

  • You can earn Kenya Shillings 19,000 from one avocado tree.

Just imagine the pay you’ll get from an acre of 150 trees.

That’s Kenya shillings 2,850,000/= or $ 28,500 per year.

Isn’t this an amazing return?

This gross income is SUPER high for a handful of trees.

It is more than what some Government Employees earn in a whole year.

Oh my…

What farming can beat this?

  • Secondly, it’s VERY EASY to manage Hass Avocado

After planting avocado, the seedlings need little care.

That’s unlike crops like tomatoes, watermelon, onions that require constant care like a toddler learning to crawl.

Once the farmer weeds, applies fertilizer, and does some little irrigation, he’s done.

He can go about other things.

He can tend to his cattle. Go for a trip. Visit his grandma and do many things…

…without worrying about his avocado.

  • Third, from the same piece of land, farmers get two times profit.

“How?” You may ask.

All they need to do is, “inter-crop Hass avocado with other crops.”

For example, within the rows they can grow beans. Green grams. Tomatillo. Amaranth, and many other crops that tolerate partial shade.

  • Last but not least, a farmer can harvest fruits for many years.

This means that he will earn more income doing less work!

“This is what drives Nyeri County farmers to plant Hass Avocado in droves.”

Let’s meet Mr. Wahome Kiuria.

This man is a famous Nyeri avocado farmer.

He’s a Hass Avocado pioneer farmer in the county.

That’s not all about him.

Forest Edge Nurseries in Tetu Constituency, is his pet project.

“A huge lot of the seedlings in my nursery are avocado.” Says Wahome.

I grow a lot of them because they sell like hot cake.

During the rainy season, I often run out of stock.

It’s often impossible to satisfy demand

Besides Hass avocado, I grow seedlings like:

  • Macadamia,
  • Tree tomatoes,
  • Strawberries,
  • Oranges,
  • and Coffee.

However, these other seedlings don’t sell as Hass Avocado.

Kiuria said in an Interview with KNA (Kenya News Agency).

Mexico Avocado Growth shows real promise

Profit Drove me to Specialize in Growing Avocado in Nyeri County

Profit Drove me to Specialize in Growing Avocado in Nyeri County

“I decided to grow avocado after failing in growing indigenous and exotic fruit.”

“From the time I made the shift, I have seen great growth in avocado farming.”

Avocado Prices have improved tremendously.

As we speak, I each fruit sells 19 shillings.

You know what that means?

From one Hass avocado tree that has about 1000 fruits, I make about Sh19,000.

“Consider planting grafted avocado seedlings.” Kuria confidently advices farmers in the county.

Only grafted Hass Avocado Trees are capable of giving maximum profits.

Problems Hass Avocado Farmers in Nyeri Face

“The greatest problem I face is the lack of potting material.” Mr Kiuria says.

This problem is a result the government ban on polythene bags.

“We are now forced to use woven bags.”

Unfortunately, this alternative is not strong or durable as plastic sleeves.

Besides that, we have a problem with pests, water and poor roads.

Nevertheless, we continue to soldier.

We cannot lose hope because the current situation will change for the better.

Wrapping it up:

Avocado farming continues to excite farmers across the world.

Farmers across the world are all increasing the acreage under Avocado.

The good news is the AVOCADO DEMAND is in tandem with the growth.

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