Growing fruit trees for profit in Kenya:

The corona pandemic and the subsequent lockdown showed people who depend on employment income are HIGHLY vulnerable to financial shock.

In a span of 2 months, they found themselves in unchartered waters.

Suddenly, affording basic expenses like rent, food and medical care fees became like climbing Mount Everest.

School teachers (those who teach private schools & Colleges)—were hit the most.

“Now what does this have to do with growing fruit trees for profit?”

You may ask.

I’ll get to that in a moment.

and will give you the details how fruit trees are a SILENT money maker.

Trees Will Give You Money When You Least Expect It!

Put yourself in this situation.

  • You are doing well in a job.
  • The pay is good,
  • You are meeting targets,
  • And your boss loves you more than hot cake

Then out of nowhere, a crisis arises—like the corona pandemic that happened one and half years ago.

Will your finances survive the pandemic?

Or will you be decimated like dry grass when it comes into contact with fire?

I Experienced This Unfortunate Problem First Hand

Personally, I had to close down a business during this period.

For over 8 months I had paid business rent with the hope that things would improve but it never did.

During the 8 month waiting period, I never got even one customer.

Things were so bad for me—for those 8 months.

However, don’t feel sorry for me.

At least I had some STABLE sources of income that kept me going.

My heart however goes for those people who had to start selling eggs, tomatoes, bananas, and other farm produce in their posh cars along major highways like the eastern Bypass, Kiambu road, Northern Bypass, Langata road, southern Bypass etc. so that they could survive.

It took a pandemic for these people to realize how fast life can change for them.

If they had another source of income other than employment, maybe, their situation could have been different.

That’s why I am writing this today.

In want to share with you…

How to Grow Fruit Trees for Profit Even If You Have a Small Piece of land.

I know this sounds like a fairy tale, or unrealistic venture—but it is not.


As the pandemic raged like a wildfire, avocado farmers in…

  • Nyeri,
  • Muranga,
  • Kisii,
  • Naivasha,
  • Eldoret,
  • Embu,
  • Kabati

…made a profit of their lifetime.

They sold Hass Avocado fruits at record profits.

Avocado farmers were not the only ones who made big money.

  • Farmers who grew
  • Mangoes
  • Lemons
  • Peaches
  • Lime
  • Passion fruit

…made a killing too!


“The pandemic created unprecedented a worldwide demand for fruits of all types.”

So this post is about the most profitable fruit trees to grow, so that earn extra money to handle emergencies.

The money you get from growing 5, 10 or 20 trees may not be a lot.

But it could be enough to give you 6 months living expenses…

or just enough to help you get out of a fix.

Therefore, if you are ready to learn how fruit trees can help you even in times of emergencies…

Continue reading:

“Why Grow Fruit trees?” You May Ask.

Growing maize, beans, wheat, watermelon and other crops is quite a hassle for employed people, and even to people who are doing it full time.

These crops require a lot of babying.

And that is something you can’t afford if you are employed.

Of course, you could employ a farmhand to help you.

However, most of them are unreliable.


They don’t share your vision.

Therefore, they can mess your plans big time.

That’s where fruit trees come in.

They are best money making crop for those in employment

And I have Listed 5 Reasons Why You Should Begin Growing Fruit Trees Today—Even If You Have a Small Piece of Land!

Reason #1: Fruit Trees Are Easy to Manage:

Even a grandma or a little boy can look after trees without doing a much work.

All they need to do is, “Protect them from goats, cows, sheep during year 1—when they are young and vulnerable.”

One full year is quite some time you may say.

Won’t that be too much work?

No it’s not.

Let us say you’re decided to Grow Hass Avocado Trees.

You have bought avocado seedlings like those the man is holding in his hand.

Growing trees for profit

If you transplant these Avocado seedlings at that size, you’ll spend a lot of money and time protecting them from animals, and weeds.

So what do you do—so that you maintain these trees for 1 year without any problem?


Transplant the seedlings into a big bucket or container instead of transplanting them to the open field.

By doing so, you will solve two problems:

  • You will give the seedlings more space and time to grow.
  • You’ll be able to monitor these seedlings in seconds since you can keep them near your compound or in a protected enclosure away from weeds, goats, cows, and other damage.
  • If you have 30-50 of these seedlings protected in a small enclosure, once or twice a week a grandma or a small boy can water them.
  • Once the seedlings attain a good transplanting height, let’s say they are about 1.5 meters high, (when they are less vulnerable to damage) you can then transplant them to the field.
  • You will not need to plow land, weed, since your seedlings will be growing in bigger buckets.

Transplanting the seedlings into bigger buckets will cost you some extra money.

However, you will get savings because you’ll reduce maintenance costs during the first few years of tree growth.

citrus fruit orange groves continue to shrink

Reason # 2: Trees require very little irrigation water compared to other field crops.

Let us imagine that you have 50 fruit trees.

During the dry season, you decide you’ll give each tree 20 liters of water per week. (Remember trees are drought resistant, that’s why we are giving them this minimum water volume)

If you do the math, the 50 trees will need 1000 liters of water/week.

Now suppose you have invested in a 10,000-liter water tank.

If the tank is full, the water will last for 10 weeks.

We expect that by the end of the 10 weeks, the rain will have arrived.

That’s however is not the case with irrigating 1 acre of maize, beans, watermelon, or tomato.

1 acre of these crops will require 1,000 times more water!

Reason #3: Fruit Trees Are Highly Profitable!!

Now this is a hidden secret that many people don’t know.

A single fruit tree can earn you between KES 10,000 to 38,000 per year.

That’s why companies like Kakuzi, Delmonte, Sasini, are now uprooting coffee, tea, and pineapples to grow fruit trees.

They are doing so because it makes business sense.

Some of the most profitable fruit trees or orchard crops to grow are

  1. Avocado
  2. Mango
  3. Apples
  4. Pixie oranges
  5. Washington Navel oranges
  6. Guava
  7. Papaya
  8. Lime
growing trees for profit

Reason #4: You will get a lifetime income.

This is a fact:

Starting a profitable orchard will require some time and effort from you.

However, once you succeed, you will earn extra income for life.

You’ll never need to rely on your salary alone for an income.

Just imagine this:

Fruit trees can live for 40-50 years without losing their productivity.

Do you know what that means?

For 40-50 years long after you retire, you’ll continue to earn an income.

Just imagine the cumulative profits you would have received just by taking a simple action like planting your fruit trees.

In fact, it is projected that the income will increase year by year as the population increases and farmland reduces.

Why wait?

most profitable orchard crops
Here’s Simple Math to Prove Growing Fruit Trees for Profit Makes Sense:
  • An adult avocado can yield up to 6000 fruits per year.
  • Now suppose you sell each fruit at a throw away price of 4 Kenya shillings.
  • 1 tree will give you 24,000 shillings per year.
  • Now suppose you have 10 avocado trees. You will earn KES 240,000 per year from the trees.
  • If you have 1 acre with a population of 150 trees, you’ll get KES 3,600,000.

This is more money than what some people collect as RENT from residential plots, and as earnings from tea, coffee, and maize crops.

Think about this seriously.

When you consider that you do not need to put a lot of effort in managing the trees—like the farmers who grow tea and coffee these earnings become sweeter.

Let us imagine you spent KES 40,000 on the maintenance of the 50 trees.

You will have gained a net profit of 200,000.

The profits become even bigger when you Become a Professional HASS Avocado Farmer.

Well pruned avocado tree

Take Advantage of This Business Opportunity Now.

Just for a few Kenya shillings you can begin planting fruit trees as an investment.

All you need is to grow the most profitable orchard crops from the list below that is suitable for your area.

Seedling Type

Price/Piece in KES

Hass Avocado


Apple Mango Seedling






Washington Navel orange seedling








Call/WhatsApp Haron Mogeni on 0715609418 or 0739719879 for more details.

Kenya Avocado Export to Malaysia

Stop Relying on Employment Income Alone.

Even if you have another source of income other than employment, you can add one more.

It does not hurt to have an additional source of money.

You don’t have to start an avocado farm with 300, or 400 or 500 trees.

40 Hass avocado trees are a good starting point.

They will only cost you KES 6,000 and they are enough to fit on half an acre.

Just imagine the money you’ll earn three years later from taking this step.

If you were to keep the 6,000 shillings in a savings account at 8% interest, you will earn a profit of KES 1,558 KES for the 3 years as interest.

And if you take out withholding tax account maintenance fee, you are left with KES 1,000 as profit.

Now compare that with starting your avocado farm.

Avocado has the potential for tripling 100 times your investment there.

Why wait?

Take advantage of this opportunity, right now.

How many seedlings do you need?

Call Haron Mogeni on 0715609418 or 0739719879.

What more information about Hass Avocado?

Read this case study:

How Samuel Tirimba Earned KES 160,000 from 5 avocado trees!