Passion Fruit In Mbeya Region Tanzania:

Dr Vincent Anney, The district Commisioner of Rungwe desistrict, urged the residents of Mbeya Region residents in Tanzania to grow passion fruits.

“Doing so will increase your incomes. Passion fruit is in great demand within and outside of the country.” He said.

Dr Vincent Anney made the remarks at the weekend during the visit by the Programmes Advisory Committee for improving the value chain in regard to coffee, tea and horticulture products known as AGRI-CONNECT.

The European Union (EU) is the sponsor of the program.

Dr Anney gave the advice to farmers following the committee’s visit to a passion fruit farm owned by farmers of the UAMSHO Group at Utengule Village in Mbeya District.

“But also, I advise, especially men to eat the passion fruit regularly.

The fruits contain large amounts of zinc which assist in men’s sexual prowess, which is a great problem to many men at the moment,” said Dr Anney.

UAMSHO Group Chairperson, Agnes Ndeka said…

“We started growing passion fruit three years ago persisted and can see great results. She said they reap the fruits on a weekly basis selling a pail between 8,000/- and 10,000/- depending on the money season and use some of the money to expand their farms.

She said apart from the Dodoma market, they have also got another market in Dubai, UAE hence they plan to expand their farms to meet the new demand.

Why Grow Passion Fruit In Mbeya Region You May ask?

Passion fruit growing is proven to have: