Hass Avocado Flowering Promotion:

Hass avocado trees need certain conditions to be met in order to produce more flowers, which will ultimately lead to more fruit.

One way to encourage flower production is through the application of fruiting hormones and potassium fertilizer.

Application of Fruiting Hormones on Avocado Tress:

One way to increase flower production is by applying a hormone called gibberellic acid (GA3) to the tree. This hormone promotes flower development, and can be applied as a spray to the foliage or injected into the trunk of the tree.

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Potassium Fertilizer : Potassium is an important nutrient for avocado tree.

Potassium helps to promote flower production, as well as overall tree health.

Potassium can be applied to the soil as a basal fertilizer or on avocado leaves as a foliar spray.

A typical recommendation for a mature avocado tree is to apply about 1-2 kilos of potassium spread out in small doses per year.

Potassium sources like potassium sulfate and potassium nitrate are good to use.

It’s worth noting that these methods are not a guarantee to improve flower production, but can be a good start.

Other factors such as sunlight, temperature, water and good overall tree health also play an important role in fruit production.

It’s important to monitor your tree growth and adjust the application accordingly.

One Key requirement is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying any type of hormone or fertilizer to the tree.

And be aware that over application of fertilizers and hormones can cause damage to the tree.

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