Hass Avocado Seedlings for sale in Nigeria:

Are you a Nigerian farmer interested in Growing Hass Avocado and you do not know where to get good seedlings?

If that describes you, then you are at the right place.

We have the right seedlings for you at an affordable price.

The seedlings will get to you by export from Kenya.

Why Import Hass Avocado Seedlings from Kenya?

  1. Kenya is the top exporter of Hass avocado from Africa. The reason for this is that worldwide consumers find Kenyan Hass avocado varieties true to type and very delicious.
  2. You get grafted seedlings that begin producing fruit in 2 ½ years. The early maturity period helps you produce fruit sooner thus recouping your investment faster.
  3. Kenya is centrally located in Africa. Once seedlings are on a plane, they will arrive to almost all African countries within 4 hours. This is important as short transport period will enable the plants recover faster once transplanted to the field.
  4. Long experience held by Kenyans in the growing, transport, marketing, and Export of Avocado makes us experienced in Hass Avocado Seedlings production and management.

What is the Procedure for Export of Seedlings to Nigeria from Kenya?

Customer decides on the number of seedlings he/she wants.

Higher numbers of seedlings required means that the final cost of seedlings will be cheaper once we factor FIXED costs like Inspection fees, insurance, cold storage at Airport Clearance fees among others.

Depending on the number of seedlings you order, and after factoring in all the costs, the price of one seedling will range from $2.1-$13.

For an accurate quote, please contact us on WhatsApp using the floating button below the page.

How to Make Payment for Seedlings Destined to Nigeria

The best methods for payment is MPesa as the funds are received instantly, and your order is processed promptly.

In countries where MPesa is not available, you can use Western Union, World Remit, Skrill, or Bank Wire Transfer.

Please contact us for more details on suitable method of payment.

How Soon Do I Receive My Shipment Once Payment is Made?

We will process your order immediately and send it to UPS for shipping.

Once this is done, you’ll be able to track your shipment through a tracking number.

Your order should arrive within one day of being loaded on an airline.

Are Your Hass Avocado Seedlings Certified?


We guarantee that you’ll receive certified seedlings.

That’s not all.

Before the seedlings leave the country, they will be inspected at the airport by officials from Kenya plant health Inspectorate service to confirm if they meet export

More details about Avocado Seedlings for Sale In Nigeria Export

The seedling is of the Hass Avocado Variety.

Avocado fruits of this variety are high in Demand all over Europe, USA, China, Middle East, and the far East.

Therefore by growing the seedlings–you expect nothing else than pure profit.

To ensure the Seedling Turns Out Into a Highly Productive Plant-resistant to Harsh Environmental conditions

  • We have grafted the scion of the Hass Avocado on a rootstock of the Puebla Variety.
  • By doing so, the rootstock from the Puebla variety gives the Hass variety vigor.
  • It is then able to produce more fruits, resist diseases, withstand drought and other Harsh environmental conditions.

We Pack the seedlings in:

  • High quality boxes that can withstand refrigeration for considerable number of hours and rough treatment during transport.

The box is approximately 3 feet long X2 feet wide X 1 feet high.

One box holds between 800-1000 seedlings and weighs between 70-80 Kilos.

Hass Avocado Seedlings For Sale In Nigeria Packed In a Box Ready for Export

Avocado packed in a box ready for export

The Price we quote is FOB.

Which means it covers the:

  • Cost of the seedlings,
  • packaging,
  • Certification and Inspection,
  • Local taxes charged in Kenya
  • Tranport to the Airport.

Once we have delivered the items at the airport, the airfreight costs to destination country will be met by the customer.

the customer is also responsible for the taxes in his/her own country, clearing charges, transport and any other cost until goods arrive in his/her farm.

We are responsible in ensuring that our produce meets ALL the legal requirements for export in Kenya.

On the other hand, the buyer is responsible in ensuring that the goods meets ALL the import requirements in his or her own country.

Before a customer places an order he or she must ensure he/she is converant with import laws in her country, so that the produce is not rejeted for non-compliance.

Washing of Seedling to Remove soil So as To Comply With the Law

Washing of soil from Avocado seedling to make it comply with the law

Seedlings Whose Soil has been Removed and Cleaned Ready for Step 2 Processing

Avocado bare root seedlings

Avocado seedlings ready for processing for export

Avocado Seedlings for sale in Nigeria Defoliated to Reduce Weight and Evapotranspiration

Defoliation of Avocado seedlings to reduce weight

To make it cost effective both to the seller and buyer, the minum plants we can sell is 200 plants.

Why this quantity? You may ask.

At this volume, we will be able to meet the costs of plant material, certification & legal compliance, Lab inpection reports, packaging, refrigiration,  and transport to the Airport.

This is the most economical volume for international shipping.

That minimum quantity should not discourage you. 

We can sell below that, however the price per seedling will increase.

Please contact us for more details.