Hass avocado Seedlings In Kahawa West, Nairobi:

Are you located in Kahawa West and you want to buy High Quality Hass Avocado seedlings…

That will:

  • Guarantee you extra income to supplement your salary once they start giving fruit,
  • Give you consistent income WITHOUT FAIL after you retire,
  • Enable you pay expenses like school fees for CBC, University Fees for your son or daughter without any struggle?

However, there is a BIG problem that is threathening the achievement of this dream

You have searched all over Kahawa West only to find Seedlings that:

  • Aren’t guaranteed to be True Hass Avocado,
  • Or you haven’t found a reliable supplier

If that describes you, then you have come to the right place.

Finding Hass avocado seedlings in Kahawa west is difficult, and you are likely to buy Hass avocado seedlings that will disapoint.


Hass Avocado is a quite a new crop that is yet to gain traction in many parts of Kahawa west.

For that reason the best way to get seedlings is Purchase from a Seedling Nursery that has a longer history of growing the best Hass avocado seedlings.

I know that this is an extra hustle–however, you are guranteed of getting Seedlings that will be worth your Money,

So when you order from us, youwill be receiving  seedlings that have been grafted from  the original Hass avocado trees from Muranga County.

Why specifically Hass avocado from Muranga you may ask?

This is the first location in Kenya where the original Hass avocado trees were introduced from Florida USA.

These seedlings were planted at the National Horticultural Center–then they spread to other places in Kenya.

For that reason, you can expect to have the very best seedlings from Us!

Once payment is received through Mpesa paybill  below, your order should arrive in 2 hours.

Payment Method:

Pay for your kale seedlings using this MPESA Paybill

Five Reasons you Should Grow Hass Avocado Seedlings In Your Kahawa West Plot

  1. Kahawa west is a NATURAL environment for Hass avocado. For that reason, you’ll get 2-3 times more yields compared to farms in other areas in Kenya.
  2. Hass avocado trees are easy to manage once the tree is through with the juvenile stage.
  3. You will get super profits once the tree starts fruiting (You’ll enjoy fruits for generations)
  4. Hass trees require very little irrigation compared to other crops.
  5. For reason 5, follow this link: Growing fruit Trees for profit in Kenya

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A farmer Admiring His Hass Avocado Plant

A farmer in Bomet admiring his Hass avocado tree

Insider Tip money-mouth


Now this is a hidden secret that many people don’t know.

Today, I want to let you in the secret and the secret is:

“A single fruit tree can earn you between KES 10,000 to 38,000 per year.”

That’s why companies like Kakuzi, Delmonte, Sasini, are now uprooting coffee, tea, and pineapples to grow fruit trees.

They are doing so because avocado pays well because of low maintenance, and high profits.

Why wait?

Start enjoying super profits and fruits whether you grow them in your Kahawa west plot or your village farm. 

Click the button below and you’ll get to an order page where you’ll input the number of seedlings you need plus your delivery address.

Fortune favors the bold!