Hass avocado seedlings for sale:

If you are looking to buy Hass avocado seedlings, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we sell CERTIFIED, READY TO PLANT Hass avocado seedlings for Kenya shillings 150/= per piece/plant.

The price per seedling is like a tap on the wrist…

Considering the AMAZING income you’ll get from growing Hass avocado, the avocado seedling price is fair and square

When it comes to Hass Avocado Farming Success, Cost of the seedling is only one part of the story…

For that reason:

I will also to tell you everything about Hass Avocado…

so that when you make your purchase, you have …

  • The guarantee that you’ve made the right decision,
  • and that your investment will PAY itself MANY TIMES OVER.

Before we proceed with the details… of making money from Hass avocado…

below are some of the photos of our Hass avocado seedling for sale in our nursery:

Avocado seedlings being prepared for export

“Once I Buy Hass Avocado Seedlings do I Stand a Chance of Making Money?”

Or will I have wasted my money and time?

The answer is…

“You’ll make amazing returns in your lifetime.”

Your children’s- children will enjoy it too.

Here’s why!

  1. High demand of avocado as a local and Export crop

In Kenya and across the world, there’s high demand for Hass avocado fruit.

During the avocado season traders race to every corner of Kenya.

They are in a hasty search for farms growing hass avocado.


They want to buy from them so that they can fill their Export purchase orders.

For that reason, if you have high quality Hass avocado fruits, your bank account will be crying chim! chim!  chim! because of the deposits that will be hitting it.

That’s not all…

The price of Hass avocado fruits is set to skyrocket as China joins the global Import Trade of avocado.

Just over two years ago President Kenyatta signed an MOU with China.

That agreement allowed Kenyan avocado to access the highly lucrative Chinese market.

My crystal ball tells me we won’t be able to satisfy the Chinese demand!

For that reason, in a few years Hass Avocado will be rarer that the Gold of Ophir.

When that day comes where will you be?

“Will you be profiting from the Hass Avocado Mania or you’ll be crying I wish I knew?”

Hurry buy Hass avocado seedlings today to begin your farm!

  1. Growing Hass Avocado fruit seedlings is better than saving a for a retirement income.

Though trees take a couple of years to grow, when they finally mature, they will feed you, plus your grandchildren.

They will outlive any retirement package that you are currently saving.

I am saying this because I know of a family who harvest thousands of kilos—year after year— of Macadamia nuts that their long dead father planted in the 1960’s!

Trees are a true inheritance.

Even in the bible during times of war people were cautioned against harming trees.

They were allowed destroy buildings, walls, altars, idols and other things but not fruit trees.


Fruit trees feed generations. So I you’ve got some land to grow Grafted Hass Avocado seedlings, do it now!

  1. You won’t be waiting for 6-7 years to get for first Hass avocado fruits.

In fact, in 3-4 years you’ll start enjoying your first harvest.


We graft all our Hass Avocado seedlings.

The grafting process greatly REDUCES THE WAITING PERIOD for fruits by up to 3 to 4 years thus enabling you to enjoy your fruit sooner.

What we do, we collect scions from mature Hass Avocado seeds, then graft them on rootstock of other varieties like Puebla.

A man admiring a Hass avocado seedling that has matured into a tree
  1. Get consistent yields and profitability from Hass Avocado seedlings.

Of course there are many variety of avocado trees.

You are at liberty to grow any of them.

However, none of those varieties show consistency in producing fruit year after year than Hass avocado.

The other avocado varieties alternate their bearing. During one year they bear fruit. The next year they don’t bear ANY fruit.

Why grow the other varieties when you can grow Hass avocado that bears season after season?

What can be a better variety than Hass?

Its regularity of production earnings is like “Earning tax free interest from a government bond!”

  1. Obtain High yields from Mature Hass avocado Seedlings.

The scions of our seedlings come from the Original Hass Varieties Imported from Mexico and Florida.

That means, they are TRUE TO TYPE.

Our avocado produce creamy sweet avocado for use in any dish.

Once customers taste your avocado fruits, they’ll love them the way children love yoghurt!

You’ll never miss people willing to buy your fruit…

I could go on and only expounding the Profitability of Growing Hass Avocado Seedlings now rather than later.

Can Hass Avocado Grow in My Region, Province, County or Country?

The answer to this question is simple:

“Avocado can grow anywhere in the Tropics and Sub tropics.”

Actually Avocado can grow in almost every country in Africa (With the exception of those in the Sahara and Namib desert), South America, And Australia.

So if you live in Kisii, Kakamega, Butere, Nyanza, Rift valley, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kitui and many other places—you can grow Hass avocado.

That said, there are some certain local conditions that will determine whether you can grow Hass Avocado seedlings.

For example:

    1. Temperature

    Hass Avocado grows in the range of 21-28 degrees centigrade and at an altitude of 900-2100 Meters above sea level.

    Too cool temperatures considerably slow the growth of Hass Avocado Seedlings.

    For that reason, people living in Kinagop and others areas of similar temperatures and elevation can’t grow Avocado.

    Conversely, too hot temperatures result to fruit and leaf burns.

    Yield Per acre of Mature Hass Avocado of Seedlings

    It takes 3-4 years before your Hass Avocado seedling you buy starts giving its FIRST FRUITS.

    During the first fruiting years a tree can yield 200-300 fruits.

    That low yield is a problem to commercial farmers.

    To solve this problem, farmers REDUCE the SPACING avocado trees to increase the plant population per acre.

    Instead of growing the recommended 150 trees per acre, farmers grow 3 times that.

    As the years’ progress, and the trees increase production, the farmer thins them.

    He does so that the mature trees can have a spacing of 6M X 6 M.

    At that spacing, 1 acre can have 150 trees.

    A fully mature tree can yield up to 3000 fruits.

    So if you have 150 mature Hass fruit seedlings, you’ll get 450,000 fruits which translates to 50 tons per acre!

    It takes a Hass Avocado tree 8 years to fully mature to the point of yielding 3000 or more fruits.

    Use the MPESA Paybill Number Below To  Order For Your Hass Avocado Seedlings Securely.

    We deliver Hass avocado seedlings in Kenya countrywide through your prefered courier/bus company.

    In case of any questions please contact Haron Mogeni on 0715609418 or 0739719879

    Number of Hass seedlingsCourier/Delivery charges
    50 and BelowKES 400
    51-100KES 800
    101-200KES 1200
    Above 200Please contact us on 0715 609418
    1,000+ seedlingsWe will deliver the seedlings to your doorstep in any part of Kenya after we agree on how share the transport cost and other logistics

    Delivery of the seedlings guaranteed once payment is done.

    Buying Hass Avocado Seedlings Is Easy!

    Just Call 0715 609418 to place your order. The call recipient on the other side is friendly and courteous—and he is at your service.

    As you place your order we will agree on the

    1. Amount of seedlings you need.
    2. Payment terms
    3. Date of delivery
    4. Place of delivery
    5. Delivery charges
    6. And any other issue.

    Once all that is settled and availability of seedlings is confirmed multiply the number of seedlings you want and send the money via MPESA Paybill 222189, Account Number GATROM#

    Once that amount is received, you’ll receive a call where we will agree on the place of delivery and delivery method.

    Through courier services we can deliver to every part of Kenya.

    How We Address The Damage of Seedlings During Transport

    1. First we will transport the seedlings in carton boxes.
    2. We will clearly mark the carton with the words, “Plant material. Handle with care” The purpose of this is to notify the transporter that he is handling fragile goods that need lots of care.
    3. We will put 2% extra seedlings so to minimize any losses arising from transport and handling.

    I have sent My Money but I haven’t Received my Products.

    We will ensure that we deliver the seedlings as agreed.

    We will send you copies of the delivery receipts given by the transport company as evidence that we have sent the product.

    In case you don’t receive your order of Hass Avocado Seedlings by any chance, we will make an effort to contact the courier company ON YOUR BEHALF.

    If the seedlings can’t be found, we will send OTHERS.

    We will bear all the risk of delivery.

    Therefore, if you don’t receive your goods after doing the tracking, we will refund your money.

    We are the Only Avocado Seedling Seller in Kenya That Offers 100% Money back Guarantee

    If by any chance you don’t receive your goods as promised, we will refund back your money 100%.

    Why wait? How many Hass Avocado Seedlings Do You Want?

    Take action today.

    Prepare yourself to conquer the avocado market and earn insane income in the next few years.

    The Low price of Ksh 150 is low compared to the insane returns Hass avocado Is capable of giving.


    Contact us today and place your order.

    PS: We have a supply capacity of 10,000 seedlings. So no matter the number of Hass Avocado Seedlings you need, we’ll supply them—but you’ve got to hurry as other farmers as rushing to buy them.


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