Imade this Amazing discovery yesterday.

I had travelled to Karota– a small shopping center at the border between Nyamira and Homabay county.

400 meters before I got to Karota, I saw a poster along the road indicating that Hass Seedlings were available for sale.

The poster got my attention coz I had always wanted to grow Hass Avocado.

When I popped in, what I saw was unbelievable.

100,000 Hass avocado seedlings in one nursery in Nyamira.

****Important Update 2023: Nyamira Prison No longer Produces Hass avocado Seedlings.****

However, If you are interested in getting Hass avocado Seedlings, Please contact Haron on 0715609418.

O my!

I had been searching for search a nursery for a long time.

A place where I could get ALL the seedlings I need.

So if you live in Nyamira County, and you have an interest in buying high quality Hass avocado seedlings

Are you searching for a reliable source of cheap – high quality avocado seedlings in Nyamira and its environs?

I have good news for you.

You can buy Hass avocado seedlings at Nyamira Prison Farm at a cheaper cost than elsewhere in Kenya.

By making a purchase at the farm you:

Imagine the convenience and savings you’ll get!

The Amazing Avocado Nursery at The Farm

Hass avocado seedlings in Nyamira prison Farm

So What is The Location of Nyamira Prison?

Nyamira Prison Farm is located along the MISAMBI-EKERENYO Road, in Nyamusi division of Nyamira County.

The prison is 400 meters away from Nyambambo/Karota market as you head towards Orwaki.

If you are in Nyamusi market, the prison is 3 kilometres away.

Since Nyamira Prison Farm is located in a rural area, it could be a little far away from your location.

Let that worry you.

Just contact the farm manager and you’ll discuss how the seedlings will reach you.

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The Areas Served By Nyamira Prison Farm

Nyamira Prison Farm Hass Avocado Nursery serves the residents of the following areas of Nyamira County:

    1. Misambi,
    2. Karota,
    3. Orwaki,
    4. Nyakenimo,
    5. Obwari,
    6. Nyamusi,
    7. Ikonge,
    8. Ekerenyo,
    9. Magwagwa,
    10. Awach,
    11. Nyamaiya,
    12. Nyamira Town,
    13. Mosobeti areas,
    14. Nyankono,
    15. Nyakeomisa,
    16. Nyagokiani,
    17. Giansi,
    18. Ibencho,
    19. Kegogi,
    20. Kemera,
    21. Keroka,
    22. Gesima,
    23. Sironga,
    24. Kebirigo and its vicinities.
    25. Itibo and its vicinities
    26. Miruka areas and its vicinity,
    27. Manga and its vicinity.


A 3 year Old Hass Avocado Plant

A Hass Avocado Tree with Fruit almost ready for harvest

Hass Avocado Seedlings In Nyamira Prison Are Highly Affordable!

The market prices of one Hass avocado seedling is Kenya shillings 200/=

A seedling costs that much because it takes over 4 months to produce a grafted avocado seedling.

However, the Government, has given farmers in Nyamira a SPECIAL discount.

As its contribution towards greening Kenya and food security, the government wants as many farmers as possible to plant Hass avocado… so it lowered the price of a seedling to 150 shillings!

Imagine such a good deal: That price is 150/= shillings lower than the USUAL market price.

The lower cost of seedlings coupled with government promotion of the project, farmers are CURRENTLY buying the seedlings in droves.

Therefore, we can’t guarantee the availability of the seedlings until the next rainy season.

Don’t dilly-dally.  Reserve or make a purchase of the seedlings you need right now.

A little hesitation here and there, and you will find all the seedlings already GONE!

Remember it takes over 4 months to produce 1 seedlings.

If you miss out you’ll have to wait to wait for over 4 months to get another opportunity to buy.

How to Buy the Hass Avocado Seedlings


Whom To Contact For More Information or for a Farm Visit

Please call Haron Mogeni, on +254715609418.

He is a friendly guy who’s always at your service.

If you find his line busy as he receives hundreds of calls daily from farmers, CALL AGAIN.

Alternatively you can contact him directly on WhatsApp via 0739719879.

Follow this link info on Kenya avocado statistics

Hass Avocado Seedlings Being Loaded Into a Customers Car

A customer buys Hass Avocado seedlings In Nyamira Prison Farm

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