A 3 year Old Hass Avocado Plant

A Hass Avocado Tree with Fruit almost ready for harvest

Hass Avocado Seedlings In Nyamira Prison Are Highly Affordable!

The market prices of one Hass avocado seedling is Kenya shillings 200/=

A seedling costs that much because it takes over 4 months to produce a grafted avocado seedling.

However, the Government, has given farmers in Nyamira a SPECIAL discount.

As its contribution towards greening Kenya and food security, the government wants as many farmers as possible to plant Hass avocado… so it lowered the price of a seedling to 100 shillings!

Imagine such a good deal: That price is 100/= shillings lower than the USUAL market price.

The lower cost of seedlings coupled with government promotion of the project, farmers are CURRENTLY buying the seedlings in droves.

Therefore, we can’t guarantee the availability of the seedlings until the next rainy season.

Don’t dilly-dally.  Reserve or make a purchase of the seedlings you need right now.

A little hesitation here and there, and you will find all the seedlings already GONE!

Remember it takes over 4 months to produce 1 seedlings.

If you miss out you’ll have to wait to wait for over 4 months to get another opportunity to buy.

How to Buy the Hass Avocado Seedlings

Pay for the number of seedlings you need Via Mpesa paybill 207336.

Please note that this paybill belongs to a government account therefore the security of your money is 100% guaranteed.

As you pay, ensure that you get a confirmation message from Safaricom indicating that Nyamira Prison Farm will receive the funds.

This is just to help you verify that you are sending your cash to the right Paybill and institution.

The Account number is your mobile phone number.

Whom To Contact For More Information or for a Farm Visit

Please call Haron Mogeni, the Farm manager on +254715609418.

He is a friendly guy who’s always at your service.

If you find his line busy as he receives hundreds of calls daily from farmers, CALL AGAIN.

Alternatively you can contact him directly on WhatsApp via 0739719879.

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