Are you searching for a Hass avocado Tree for sale that…?

will give you juicy fruits and a decent income?

If that describes you, then you are in luck today.

We have amazing Hass avocado trees that will start giving fruit in 2 ½ to 3 years.

But that is only part of the story.

We want to give you info about Hass Avocado Trees, so that when you decide to buy, it will be your best financial decision ever.

Whether you want fruit for your family, or you want to venture into a reliable side hustle, Hass avocado trees are perfect.

Once they start fruiting in 2 ½ to 3 years, they give consistent returns twice a year, without much action on your part.

Though the fruiting period may seem like it’s too distant into the future, I want to assure you, 3 years fly away like a butterfly.

Before you realize it, you’ll be:

  • Enjoying the fruit,
  • Earning an extra income,
  • Protecting yourself against sudden job loss,
  • and preparing for retirement.

If this sounds exciting, you ought to grow your Hass Avocado trees today.

Hass Avocado Trees Are Easy to Grow and Maintain While Giving Bigger Profits.

Once you transplant avocado trees into the field (video do it Here), irrigate them for about 2 weeks for them to get started, that’s it.

Slowly by slowly they will grow into productive trees.

And in 2 ½ to 3 years, you will begin harvesting cash from trees.

If you compare the work you’ll put in to manage the trees, and the long period of returns you’ll enjoy, then the trees begin fruiting, the work is worth every sweat.

Think about this for the moment.

If you plant the avocado trees today, and you maintain them to maturity…

Your children’s children will enjoy the fruit and income.

This is the best life savings I’ve ever seen!

Don’t you agree with me?

Market for Mature fruits is Always Available

Once the avocado season starts, there’s usually a mad rush by avocado buyers and exporters.

They scour every corner of the country searching for mature, ready to harvest avocado fruit.

And that’s where you come it.

If you have them, you’ll receive money pap!

No searching for buyers.

Instead buyers come to you.

No waiting period for payment for avocado fruit supplied—like the way sugarcane farmers wait for their pay for years on end.

You receive your hard earned money pap! Immediately the buyer finishes harvesting the fruit and weighing is done.

Get Ksh 80+ per Kilo of Hass Avocado Fruit

Now this is a conservative price farmers get.

It is common for farmers to get up to Ksh 120 per kilo of avocado…. Which is a very good return on investments.

When I tell this to some farmers, prospective avocado farmers, they think that I am lying to them.

They say that this price is too good to be true.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

So anytime I talk about the prices avocado farmers are capable of getting, I always provide proof in the form of actual selling prices in the market.

Below are screenshots that I took recently about Hass Avocado Price in Kenya:  

“And how many Avocado fruits are in a kilo?” You may ask.

One kilo of avocado usually contains 8 fruits. 

This amount of fruits is not much.

Avocado Can Grow Very Well in Most Areas of Kenya, Your Farm Could Be One of These Areas!

Whether you come from…

    • Muranga,
    • Nyeri,
    • Kisii,
    • Narok,
    • Nairobi,
    • Kakamega,
    • Busia,
    • Mumias,
    • Siaya,

And literary most counties in Kenya, Hass Avocado trees grow very well.

All they need is a free draining soil, your willingness to grow them and in 3 years, you start getting handsome fruit.

Grab this money making opportunity today and you’ll have an Amazing story to tell!

We are Here to Help You Get Started with Your Journey to Hass Avocado Income

With our guidance, we will help you calculate the seedlings you need for your farm,

Deliver Hass avocado seedlings to your location in the manner most convenient to you,

Teach you how to transplant the seedlings,

Give you information on how to maintain the trees until they start fruiting,

And the sweetest part, connect you with buyers—once they start fruiting.

Simply put, we will hold your hand all the way.

In case you are stuck, we are only a phone call away on 0715 609 418, or 0739 719 879.

If you prefer to send a message, both these phone lines are on WhatsApp.

How Much does A Hass Avocado Seedling Cost?

One Hass Avocado seedling costs Ksh 150 only.

To some people this price seems a little high, however when you consider the lifetime income you’ll get from the Hass seedlings, this price is fair and square.

Imagine this, for a Hass Avocado Tree seedling for sale to be ready,

It has to go through the following stages:

  • Sourcing the Puebla rootstock seeds which are collected all over Kenya at a great cost and time
  • Germinating the seed—which takes up to 45 days,
  • Letting the seedling grow to 20 inches in height, in readiness for grafting that takes 2-3 months,
  • Grafting a Hass scion on Puebla rootstock which takes 2 months for the union to heal and start producing new leaves.
  • By the time a Hass avocado seedling is ready for the field, its 8-9 months.

Therefore, at the Ksh 150 price tag, both of us will make money—but eventually, you will end up making much more!

How to place an order for the seedlings So that you can begin enjoying these benefits sooner

Simply call or WhatsApp Haron on 0715 609 418, or 0739 719 879.

He will guide you on the number of seedlings you need depending on your acreage,

Best method of shipping based on your location,

And any other logistics that will assist you get the seedlings in perfect condition and time.

Mode of payment That’s Convenient for You and Us.

Payment is done through the MPesa Paybill below.

This Paybill is connected direct to our bank account so you can have confidence that your payment is safe, and you’ll get your delivery in good time.

Pay for your kale seedlings using this MPESA Paybill

Some customers ask…

What if I make payment and I don’t receive my goods?

In the rare event that this happens, you’ll get an instant no questions asked refund.

We are a legitimate business, and our customers provide us with a living and income.

Without them our business will collapse, and our children will go hungry.

For that reason, we never want our Paybill number to be associated with fraud or to be blacklisted as a channel of obtaining money by false pretenses.

Get your Hass Avocado Tree Today

Simply call or WhatsApp Haron on 0715609418 or 0739719879 about your requirements!

What are your thoughts on this, share them in the comments section below!


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