Herbicides For Beans In Kenya: Weed Management In beans.

I consider myself a typical Kenyan.

Like every typical Kenyan, I decided to have a side hustle to boost my income.

For some time, I cracked my head. Thinking. Imagining. Daydreaming on what I would do to earn that extra coin.

Finally, decided to invest in bean farming.

After saving money for some time…

I Leased some land. Plowed it. Got people to grow bean seeds (Oh! my dream was slowly taking shape)

In about 5 days, the beans germinated.

I was now ready for the next step, which was obviously weeding.

After waiting for anotherĀ  one and a half weeks, the bean seedlings were big enough for the weeding stage.

“Do I still use laborers to weed using jembes/hoes?” “Or do I use herbicides?”

I pondered for some time.

After some serious thinking, I opted to use a herbicide for weeding.

I reasoned that using the herbicide will:

1. Allow me finish weeding faster.

2. Save me money

So I opted for ther ‘herbicide route’ instead of the ‘normal jembe weeding.’

Therefore, this post is about the herbicide I used to the weed bean crop.

I will narrate my experience doing it, so that if you’ve never used a herbicide when weeding beans, you can have the confidence doing it.

SPOILER ALERT: This is going to be a long post.

Why? I’ve put all the details…

so that you never go wrong using the herbicide.


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Herbicide to Use On Fallow Land in Preparation for Bean Planting.

The land I leased was fallow.

It was INFESTED with the feared couch grass.

“Plowing the land as it is would cause future weeding problems.” I reasoned.


Killing couchgrass by plowing is very difficult.

Some of the grass stolon would be buried in the plowing process.

That would be like replanting the grass again.

In this case there was ONE solution.

“Spray ROUNDUP on the grass before doing any plowing!”

Roundup (also known as glyphosate a broad spectrum herbicide), was the best herbicide to use for this case.

It kills ALL the plants including weeds that it has been sprayed on.

By doing this, all the weeds and unwanted plants on the fallow field, first turned yellow, then brown and finally were Completely DEAD.

Two weeks later (after spraying roundup) I confidently plowed the land, knowing all the couchgrass was dead!

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